Three for Three with Jeff Baca

On getting Nick Ekbatani back:
“To get him back means more competition, more rotating, and it is killer. He’s a senior, a returting starter, the only guy who started 12 games last year, and he’s a special player.”

On being forced into action last year:
“The experience I got last year was awesome – they didn’t want to use me; last year the plan was for me to redshirt when I first came in. But its football and I ended up getting thrown in there. That experience is huge. I know so much about the game because of those eight games last year. I see stuff and I know stuff just from experience.”

On having a seven- or eight-man offensive line:
“I’ve never been around an offensive line like this. Last year, we did not have an eight-guy line. We just didn’t have the depth. This year, it’s different to me. Coming out of high school, you have your starting five, and that’s just your starting five. Where he’s from, the NFL, you have an eight-man line and they rotate. I’m a big fan of that.”

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