Two for Two with Kevin Craft

On competition on the offensive line:
“It always helps to have competition at any position – quarterbacks do it, and the line is the same. But I know that the guys who are in there now have been playing really well. Those guys have been really impressive to me, personally. I think that they really set the tone for the team. You can have Troy Aikman back there, and if you don’t have anyone in front, it makes it really tough.”

On the difference between last year’s O-line and now:
“I watched the first two games before I played, and it’s not like it’s just happening during the games. It’s been a process since last year ended. Those guys have been busting their freaking butts. Coach Lind has done an awesome job with those guys, working them out in the weight room, getting them tough and competitive and bringing that swagger and that mindset back.”

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