Awesome email from blog reader

A InsideUCLA reader sent this to my email, and it’s just awesome. I love this dedication, guys. I can’t imagine writing this blog and for the paper without this kind of fan base. Thanks.

I was bored at work today and decided to put together the attached chart showing our roster by position by class year. Just sent it to my UCLA buddies but wanted to get your thoughts (if you have time).

What I found interesting is while we do graduate a lot of people this year including 5 starters on D (Carter, Bosworth x2, Jersy, ATV), 3 on O (Austin, Moya, Moline) and will probably lose Price, our Junior class is not as important…Forbath, Ramirez, Eddie Williams, Stokes and David Carter. So next year we might have trouble replacing Defense, especially LBs, but in 2011, we are still going to have most of our guys from this year (I put who I think will start next year in bold and most will be Soph and Juniors). In 2011, we could be dangerous.

I was also looking at the areas we need to recruit strongest in (commits and recruits on the right). QB, RB and TE should be pretty deep but wouldn’t mind throwing a stud like Jones or Barr into the mix. WR is deep too but could use a top tier guy…maybe Class of ’11 since we’re not recruiting that position very well this year. OL could be pretty deep too if we get a couple guys from the Ward-Ajawara-Yandall crew and the Mormons don’t go on their missions.

We actually have a ton of DLs with 2 transfers and 3 frosh recruits in addition to all of the guys we brought in the last 2 years. DBs are pretty deep too with only ATV leaving in the next 2 years and 3 guys already committed. LB is really where we will need help unless Golper, Bowens or Maka could step in. Could really use a couple top recruits there.

Realistically, if we get some LBs, a couple more OLs, 1-2 top-tier offensive playmakers and a stud DT (all of which are totally feasible), we could be legitimately challenging for the Pac-10 from 2011-2013. You’d also have to buy in to Prince or Brehaut being capable of taking us to the promised land (vs. a Top 5 QB) and Norm Chow sticks around long enough in Neuheisel land. Also, SC is still going to recruit very strong, as are Cal and Oregon, and Stanford and Washington are building back up, so I’m not saying we should be handed the title, but I think we’ll be very competitive.

Would be very interested to hear your thoughts.

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  • MaltBaa

    Good stuff, I would like to see his projected starters next year though.

  • BRUtus

    Ayers at SLB, Sloan or Larimore at MLB and Golper at WLB in ’10!

    Ayers will be around for at least another year and is a stud. Sloan doesn’t have much speed / Larimore is coming on. Golper looked awesome in the fall scrimmage / is great in coverage – would rock at WLB. Bring Shirley in and he can replace Ayers in ’11 and we’ll have a stud LB corps for years to come.

  • Reformed Droog

    Yeah, but does he have a shelf full of UCLA figurines “custom-made” out of paper clips, post-it notes, RJ-45 cable ends, and 3 dozen blue and yellow hi-lighters?

    I didn’t think so.

    Who’s the true UCLA fan now?

  • Anonymous

    I want to download the chart!!!!!!!!

  • SuperBruin

    Thanks for all your work on the blog! I have a formating question. If time allows, I read everything on your blog. When time is tight though, it would be nice to be able to scroll down and read headlines. Is it possible to have longer posts be a headline and a link to another page with the longer post? That way I can catch up on all the UCLA news quickly and follow the links for the stories I’m most interested in.

  • Legalsean

    Not to be a killjoy, but Tracy Pierson on Scout wrote an article theorizing the same thing. His premise was that the Bruins should be a force to reckon with in 2011, and that the offense might be better than the D, given the current players and the recruiting situation.


  • Legalsean

    Not to be a killjoy, but Tracy Pierson on Scout wrote an article theorizing the same thing. His premise was that the Bruins should be a force to reckon with in 2011, and that the offense might be better than the D, given the current players and the recruiting situation.


  • Coach Thom

    The kid has pretty well nailed it. Well done, son. Still waiting for the Jake Locker ‘I’ll take control’ type QB. Great OL recruits are always a must. Coach Rick has a balanced approach to recruiting. Things are look rosy.

  • Miss UCLA

    Thanks for all the great info. Don’t forget we also lose Logan Paulsen on offense.

    GO Bruins!

  • 420bruin

    Price returns next year.

    He has stated may times that no matter what happens this year, he will finish out his education and his 4th year…

  • barrya

    Props to the reader/contributor (and to Tracy also). I’m perhaps higher on the LBs, Golper et al, than the reader but agree – landing Shirley or a couple LBs who will contribute down the road would be a good step. And dynamite OLs and DLs are always a need. The quality of our players is going up like a rocket. The OTHER factor is that next year’s schedule is daunting – @ Texas, v Houston, and @ Cal-Berkeley, Oregon, Washington and Asu – that team could/should be much better than this year but the record may not reflect it so much.

    BUT, the schedule flips back again in 2011 when we get those strong Pac10 rivals at home. 2011 should be Ucla’s coming out party when the “improving” program turns into a very serious BCS contender.

  • Anonymous

    To SuperBruin

    For your purpose, you can subscribe to google reader, and read the headlines. It does exactly what you want.

  • Anonymous

    Other than XSF, who are the other Mormons are the OL? By the way, hasiak isn’t a Mormon and he’s not going on a mission.