Neuheisel On:

On Thursday’s practice:
“I’m very excited about the way we practiced today. This is what we needed. I feel much better about the week, and very excited to practice Sunday. We’re 0-0, we start a new season, and we’re eager to get off to a good start.”

On winning the Pac-10:
“When you’re at UCLA, and you walk into a hall of fame that has 103 national championship trophies, you can’t become part of that scene until you win a Pac-10 championship. That season starts this next weekend.”

On Christian Ramirez’ recovery:
“We had him in a little scrimmage, got him some live action there at the end, and I hope he’s ok. He got up a little hobbled there. He’s got to start playing through that.”

On Gavin Ketchum’s recovery:
“He’s getting there. It’s been a while. He doesn’t seem right now willing to explode out of it. But that’s why this bye week is so important.”

On Kevin Prince losing weight with a broken jaw:
“He’s a put together kid. He’s been working out. He’s been running. He’ll be fine.”

On the battle at cornerback with Aaron Hester down:
“Sheldon Price is now competing, and Courtney has to win that job back from him. Sheldon has had the job. We’ll have plenty more opportunities the next couple weeks to see who’s ready to play.”

  • Miss UCLA

    Actually UCLA has won 104 NCAA titles.

    GO Bruins!

  • Cheatthesystem

    Read this.

    Presently, UCLA, Stanford and Southern California have the most NCAA championships; UCLA holds the most, winning a combined 107 team championships in men’s and women’s sports, with Southern California and Stanford coming in second with 99.[16]

    During the 2008-09 school year, the Pac-10 conference captured 11 NCAA titles, outstripping any other conference. It was followed by the ACC and Big Ten with five championships, and by the Big 12 and SEC conferences with four each.[17]

    The NCAA currently awards 87 national championships yearly; 44 women’s, 40 men’s, and three coed championships where men and women compete together (Fencing, Rifle, and Skiing). For every NCAA sanctioned sport other than Division I FBS football, the NCAA awards wooden trophies with gold, silver, and bronze plating for the first, second, and third place teams respectively; similar to the Olympics.

    Now add 1 to UCLA and 11 to USC and 2 to Stanford for football…what are the results? and how many of those 1 FB championships was Neuheisel part of?

  • Cheatthesystem

    Although the UCLA Website boasts only 104. Darn wikipedia!