UCLA Coaches Recruiting Plans

Hey guys,
Here’s where the UCLA coaching staff is headed during its bye week…
Remind me never to do the linking thing again here…

Todd Howard
Temple HS, TX
Lache Seastruck
Cedar Park HS, TX
Holmes Onwukaife

Rick Neuheisel
Brighton HS, Utah
Ricky Heimuli

Lakes HS, Wash.
Sione Potoae

Sheldon HS, Ore.
Curtis White


Punahou HS, Hawaii
Kawai Crabb
Iolani HS, Hawaii
Sealii Epanesa

Todd Hundley
Lincoln HS, Calif.
Davon Dunn

Valhalla HS, Calif.
Shane Pennix

Carnell Lake
Edison HS, Calif.
Wesley Flowers

Tevin McDonald

La Costa Canyon HS, Calif.
Kenny Stills

Frank Gansz
Pittsburgh HS, Calif.
Erick Darga

Granada HS, Calif.
George Atkinson

Bob Palcic
Loyola HS, Calif.
Colin Tanigawa

Reggie Moore
Highland HS, Calif.
Christian Thomas

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  • mike04

    A couple curious things here…first, how is CRN going to go to all those games this weekend? Is he really going to Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii all in one weekend?

    I also find it curious that Norm Chow would not be going to Hawaii.

    Jon, do you have any insight on how Carnell Lake is doing as a recruiter?

  • pdx92bruin

    Hi Jon,
    Great info. Are the coaches allowed to contact the recruits during these trips or is it purely for observation/evaluation from afar? Also, some of these names have never really shown up on our (bruin fans) radar before and their profiles don’t show much interest in ucla. Do you think that they’ve expressed interest to the coaching staff or are these just shots in the dark?

  • BruinFanStuckinColorado

    What a helpful post. I enjoy finding out where and who in recruiting and even though you hated the linking aspect, I thought it was extremely helpful. Thanks and keep up the good work. I have enjoyed reading your posts.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jon! I know the linking aspect probably took a long time, but it’s very helpful and we all appreciated it.

  • Anonymous

    I see a lot of lineman there on both sides of the ball which is great. I don’t see any linebackers which isn’t so great.

    Are there guys inside the program the coaches expect to step up when Boz and Carter leave? Do we have enough depth? Are there LBs not on this list that the coaches feel confident with?

  • Mike H class of 90

    Jon, appreciate the links. If you are interested in providing them in the future, maybe you can try something like


    and just fill in the firstname= and lastname= sections appropriately. That way people can click through to Scout and follow the link from there…that way it’s the same link for you and all you have to do is change the name.

  • davideski

    this seems like waste of time, money(!!!) and energy.

    Texas kids won’t come here…going to WA and OR to see committed kids to other schools we haven’t offered. Why?

    Sending Hundley, Ganz and Palcic to see those “recruits” seems like just giving them something to do.

    We should be out trying to solidify Chris Ward(Palcic), Shirley, Pullard, Jones, Barr, et al…top notch athletes/players who have UCLA in the final mix.

  • Fan4Life

    Ward, Shirley, Pullard, Jones, et all are all local. Barr has a broken ankle. They can attend UCLA games for free, have been to practices, scrimmages and the campus.

    It would be a missed opportunity not to get out and see out of state players, their coaches and build relationships with future recruits.

  • RobM

    We’re trying to get back to national prominence and that means extending our recruiting reach farther than our usual “Western States” base and putting our name out there. There are LOTS of great kids in CA, OR, WA and HI, but it would be foolish not to pull kids from TX, FL etc. Of course those home schools are going to put up a fight, but we need to shoot for those 4-5 star kids nationwide. Something that Dorrell didn’t do enough (or at all). And visiting kids that have only a verbal with another school(even a “solid” verbal) is just a part of the new recruiting world. Verbals just aren’t sacred anymore…

  • lavsmousse

    Though they weren’t highly sought after recruits, the Bosworth boys have done quite well for us. UCLA used to have a great Texas recruiting pipeline under Donahue and we benefited greatly from it. To neglect trying to re-establish that pipeline would be the greater waste of time.

  • bruin4ever

    It’s great to see Colin Tanigawa get some love from UCLA. He’s a big boy with some talent. Would love to see Barr and Tanigawa be part of next year’s freshmen class.