• DoubleBruin

    You left out
    12-0 and 11-1

  • lavsmousse

    Don’t know about others thoughts, but I’m getting tired of opinion polls. How about sticking to insight and info?

  • lavsmousse

    Dohn is the new publisher of ScarletReport.com.,covering Rutgers sports for Scout.com.

  • brewinbob

    ScarletReport.com is currently not working, but here’s Brian’s article from today.


  • Slippery Pete

    After saying time and time again on this site that he would never cover Rutgers because it would compromise his objectivity.

  • bruinbiochem06

    You read my mind Slippery Pete!

  • Anonymous

    Dohn may be back in NJ, but you see the wet field in the video.
    Welcome home Dohn.

  • bruindodger

    Quit whining about Brian covering his alma mater. How quick we forget all the news he brought us and made us come to this blog over and over for BRUINS news. so what if it is his alma mater, he is doing something and covering the team he loves. He is a professional and will be great there just as he was for us.