One and Dohn

Like I have said before and will say again, filling the shoes of Brian Dohn is a lofty task. He commanded quite the following on Inside UCLA, and many of you have expressed interest in his next endeavor.

Well, not wanting to say too much before he started rolling, I held back a little on his new project.

But…here it is:

Where in the world is Brian Dohn?

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  • Armand Morton

    Jon –

    I can’t tell you how HAPPY I am to have you on board. I find it ironic that Dohn, who was always talking about how objective he is and his detached professionalism, is now a 1st degree homer for the Scarlet Knights! I like your blend of GO UCLA with appropriate realism, and really appreciate that you get the UCLA fans and tradition. Again, what a relief to have you taking over this blog.

    Go Bruins!

    Armand Morton

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else consider this move a little hypocritical considering how many times Dohn expressed his belief that a sports writer should not be a fan of the team they cover, because he believed the reporter would not be able to cover the team objectively if they were a fan?

  • dana point 89

    So much for Dohn being an unbiased reporter…

  • Anonymous

    i guess thats his “dream job” … good for him, i wish him the best

  • Anonymous

    It was known where Dohn was going when Dohn did that piece on UCLA after he had left the Daily News.
    No surprise here.

  • Anonymous

    I understand Scott Wolf is about ready to roll out his WEB project “Underage Cheerleaders”

  • Anonymous

    dohn was really winding down over here, getting grumpy, always complaining about the q&a….while jon is fresh and has a great time with it all.

    glad youre with us JON!!!!

  • bruincheerleader

    good for DOHN…but man i am so happy we have GOLD…BRUIN BLUE AND BRUIN JON GOLD!

  • BruinFaithful

    Hmmmmmm. I thought he was going to tell us himself? I thought he was going to give us a preview of the season before he left? I thought he would “NEVER cover his Alma Mater?” So much for that. Good luck. I guess. See you in 2016, if we are all still around. I say that facetiously.

  • jon

    It’s scout.. It’s not like he is there own personal beat writer.. He is covering recruits who are possibly going into the program. Plus I’m glad he is going to do a job that he will enjoy. Don’t think he was a big fan of the blue and gold.. Jon gold you are the man

  • Sunset Bruin

    Brian Dohn did a great job with this blog while he was here.

    He is a talented writer, and I only wish him the best.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Dohn the best; but i am glad we have Gold now.

    One recommendation to GOLD: Always be objective!

  • doug4ucla

    “Jon you are Gold”……wish Brain well, but he is not here……thanks for the info lets move on and hope you keep up the good work………..

  • Martin

    Dohn is “OVER RATED . . . OVER RATED!!!

  • Fan4Life

    It’s not like Brian is covering Rutgers for the NY Times. He is the publisher for the Rutgers site on Scout. It seems to me that was the difference. That it would be harder to cover Rutgers for a more traditional news outlet. Even then, I don’t recall it was that he would never do it.

    Again, I wish him the best. He really filled a need covering UCLA sports and set the bar extremely high. I’ve yet to see the LAT or the Register or any other news outlet covering UCLA have weekly Q&As and game chats all for free.

  • Anonymous

    Dohn was great! Did a fantastic job covering UCLA, especially the recruiting aspect. He only grew tired of the same dumb questions and readers with outrages expectations for the b-ball team.
    Jon, is ok. Will need to see a lot more before I consider him an adequate replacement. Also, I would like to him lose “two for two with”, “three for three with”, etc. But thats just me

  • RodneyGuillory

    Dohn did a fantastic job with this blog. Anyone that says otherwise is only trying to kid themselves. Jon is doing a good job as well. That being said, the real irony is that Dohn will now have to pay attention to the star rankings more than he’d like.

    The other question is, are there enough Rutgers sports fans out there that are going to pay the $10/month or whatever costs to support Dohn’s salary, etc?

  • Hardtail

    Comments like these are the reason that guys like Dohn, Gold or anyone else probably grow to dislike blogs like this. He posts a link to bring us up to date on Brian’s new job and it instantly turns into an analysis of Dohn, an analysis of Gold, a comparison of the two, blah, blah, blah. We sound like a bunch of jackasses. Can’t just be “Good luck Brian, welcome Jon”??? I remember when Brian announced he was leaving, everyone was shocked and horrified and depressed. Oh brother.

  • Ri-L

    RodneyGuillory: When I checked out the site, there were 283 active visitors to the site, and it was Dohn’s first day!! I think with his experience as a writer, and his clear proficiency in blogging and social media, Dohn has proven to be a rising star in this area.

    With the resources of FOX sports and MSN, he has the backing of some heavy hitters There’s a clear path for writers to leave traditional newspapers and move to online outlets. (See: J.A. Adande for example)

    Dohn’s page was the most popular on the Daily News website, beating the USC beat regularly.

    Those are all great credentials that he was able to parlay into a gig that took him home, and took him into new media and an interesting future.

    He often mentioned that he wouldn’t like to cover Rutgers because of his homerism… but, he also has a depth of experience because of his interest in the program.

    Good luck Brian!!

  • Anonymous

    hardtail…hey man, the internet seems to be gettin you worked up too much, you should unplug for a while =D

  • bruindodger

    Glad for Dohn. At the same time, thankful that we have Jon Gold. Brian did a great job and had us all checking this blog at least 10-15 a day; at least for me. He left us when he got an opportuinity, but Jon Gold has been money for us and has us hooked the same way. Congrats Brian and best of wishes and thanks Jon. You have done a great job and keep expanding the q&a. We love it.

  • Larry

    To those first replies regarding this post… yes, I do find it ironic Dohn always preached “Objectivity” and is now at Rutgers. Can’t blame the guy though for making this arguement. It helped him land and keep (for as long as he wanted) the best position of all… Homer for UCLA!

    Go Bruins.

  • Slippery Pete

    Dohn has posted on the BRO board that he has been able to separate a beat job with what he has now as a “fan board”. If that is the case, I wish him luck and thank him for the great work he did for us over 6+ years. Hopefully he will still be with the Scarlet Knights when we play them in a few years and we can have some fun.

  • PeterUCLA

    I thought Brian’s coverage was the best in the region and am also happy with Jon’s strong start on the UCLA beat.

    For more information on Dohn’s new job, read this:

  • theuclan

    Rutgers has fans?


    Ironic that Dohn covered bruins’ football when they were not so great, and now that they are on the rise he is gone. He may have become a bigger fan as the team continues to grow and win, but now he is stuck with Rutgers football.

  • Bruin Zealot

    Wish best of luck to Dohn on all his endeavors and appreciate the work he did for UCLA blog. I can’t knock the guy for wanting to go home–I think most of us would jump on opportunity to cover UCLA and move back home if we were living on the East Coast (I know I would). Dohn is home with family, can’t beat that. But here’s to the future and I look forward to more great stuff from Jon. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Brian Dohn is and was not a Bruins fan.

    He was far from a “hater” but he does not love the program as some of you do.

    His objectivity was rooted in that fact. I think many wanted to believe that he was true blue and was just holding back as he was a professional, this article shattered that dream. And on at least a subconscious level, some of you are bitter.

    But something to remember, although he didn’t love his beat he was definitely dedicated to it. If you were covering a team you weren’t emotionally invested in (say Rutgers) would you still let people ask unlimited questions? Think of all the extra hours he put in on a weekly basis doing research for even the silly ones.
    Imaging doing that for your readers while having newborn children.

    He now has a job that makes him as happy as having the Inside UCLA would make a Bruins alumnus.

    Everyone who read him regularly and/or asked questions in the weekly forum and are not knocking him for being a “homer” should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • PUSC 3

    Best of luck to ya Brian, you didn’t smile for your Daily News pic.

    The Bruins are going to stomp on Rutgers.

    Very happy to have TRUE BLUE BRUIN JON GOLD!!!

  • Anonymous

    “now he is stuck with Rutgers football”

    Be Real,
    What would you say to someone who said you were “stuck with UCLA football” in these past down years?

    Would you hang your head in regret or say ‘I am a Bruin” with pride?

    Are you under the impression that a Rutgers alum has any less pride than you?

  • rejn

    Dohn DID provide and write some good stuff. However, he’s the biggest phony balony around. Never got the feeling that he was someone who could be trusted. He spoke out of both sides of his mouth. He never did much to understand the history of Bruin Football, and never learned that Bruin football does in fact have a rich tradition. All he was able to do was look at the Pete Carroll years at the other school, compare what UCLA has now, and then conclude that UCLA is a terrible football school. How many times did he say that he did not care who would be the next football coach and yet took advantage of every opportunity to tell us how much he thought Walker was the right and best choice to follow the disaster? And now this – telling us how he could never write, cover, or have any interest in doing Rutgers sports and yet now he’s involved with hiw alma mater. The guy is a piece of work. He tries to come across as being so good and professional and ethical. I guess actions speak lounder than words.

  • uclabrruin1989

    frankly Dohn sucked. glad we have the new guy.


    It is ironic how much time Dohn spent saying he would not want to cover sports for Rutgers. At least his profile picture looks better…. must be that ham he kept taking about.

  • Johnny Angel

    Jon, you’re the man. Congratulations to Brian. Let’s move on, TOTALLY.

  • Scott

    At least he is smiling now

  • highlander

    Brian Dohn is not an unbiased newspaper reporter in his new role. It is obvious that he is covering recruits for Rutgers and therefore enthusiasm for the home team is a requirement of the job, and expected of him. There is no hypocrisy in this at all. He looks a lot happier in the picture too!

    I agree with the one-on-one, two-on-two comment. I don’t think it works, but all in all Jon Gold is great!

    Somebody needs to fix the main UCLA page where it says Brian Dohn’s blog. Its ridiculous that this isn’t fixed yet.

  • Anonymous

    He said “My wife and I decided to induce labor so I could be present for the birth of our first child, and still attend Rutgers’ first bowl game in 27 years.

    I sat in the upper deck at Giants Stadium and watched the Scarlet Knights nearly upset No. 1 Alabama in 1980, and a week later sat on a soaked wooden bench at Rutgers Stadium during a rain storm for a humiliating loss to William & Mary.”

    Does it mean he and his wife has a kid 29 years old?

  • Anon

    Just wanted to say JON GOLD is the best! The energy he brings to the blog is great instead of the constant negativity brought on by Dohn.


    It looks as if the comments are running out of steam, so perhaps I can make one last comment without anybody reading it.

    It is funny how when one guy checks out (Dohn) there is a certain angst associated with it. But this guy Gold certainly has taken the bull by the horns and has made most folks forget about Dohn (good thing because Dohn has totally forgotten about you). And that is not easy to do, making people quickly forget about the outgoing incumbent.

    And to the one critic who might be tuning in to see if there is a comment to his/her comment, let me simply say that life is difficult enough without also supporting a losing team.

  • Anonymous

    Dohn said he was going to say something about his new job, but he did not.

  • BruinFaithful


    I totally agree with you. How many times did Dohn make it a point of bad mouthing our program and pointing out ALL the reasons we would NEVER win consistently? All the reasons the UCLA job was undesirable. All the reasons the school was undesirable to recruits. The academics. Blah Blah Blah.

    He was a total hypocrite. He clearly stated MANY times that he would NEVER cover Rutgers because he felt it would not allow him to be objective enough to give his career justice. How ironic. He was a good and talented reporter, but he was missing something. The MOST important ingredient, understanding what it means to be a Bruin. Thank GOD we finally got a Coach who understands the concept. All things happen for a reason. Here’s hoping Jon grows into his role as our coach has his. Here’s hoping we spank those sorry Scarlet Knights and that Neu and company make Dohn eat crow for many years to come.

    GO BRUINS!!!!