UCLA falls in rankings?

UCLA, without playing anything but NCAA Football 2010 this weekend, went from 62 votes in the AP Top 25 poll to 42, and from 38 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll to 27.
Cal fell from No. 6 to No. 24.

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  • DoubleBruin

    Jon, please remind our team that even though we have a long winning streak against Stanford, we have gone up there as heavy favorites and come back with a loss.

  • samohopar

    The coaches poll is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. To think that poll counts for the BCS? Just amazing that this crap manages to keep going year after year.

  • Ri-L

    Out of sight, out of mind. We didn’t win this week, so it counts as a loss in the tiny minds of the voters….

  • Anonymous

    15 teams with losses ranked ahead of us, many with no quality wins or losses to unranked opponents.

    It just shows you the polls have nothing to do with what you actually accomplish but are about perception

  • bruinbiochem06

    I’m glad Stanford beat Washington in a convincing fashion, this way our players are mentally ready for the challenge we have ahead of us.

    Go Bruins!!!

  • Reformed Droog

    No love from the handicappers either – we opened as a 5.5 point dog to the tree…

  • Anonymous

    This is the best possible thing to happen to us! We didn’t lose a game, like Cal did, so we’re not learning a hard lesson that way. But we are going into (IMO) the most crucial season-determining game of the season. We needed the extra week off to heal and get ready for our first quality Pac-10 opponent. Going in as underdogs and with no respect nationally is the best thing for our young team at this point. I’d much rather that than have us ranked 20th and lose 59-0 like we did against BYU last year when we got too excited over one win.

    With the proper mental preparation, I think our guys can pull it out up there and bring home an important win.

  • PUSC 3

    Dorrell really put our program way way way back.

    Only way to get that respect we want is to keep WINNING!!

  • BruinBurd

    I completely agree with PUSC 3, there is nothing we can do to get respect but WIN. If we win, the respect will come. Winning one week at a time! consecutive winning seasons would help too. We are on the right track..we have to keep taking steps forward.