From the Other Side: Jim Harbaugh

On Toby Gerhart being up for the Heisman:
“Yes. I believe so. He means so much to our team. He’s a shining star to our team and that’s what an MVP does. He means the world to us. He’s probably the first one to point out his teammates and say they lift him up and make him a better player.”

On expecting a physical game vs. UCLA:
“That’s the way we’re seeing things. This is the best defensive line we’ve played, there’s no question about it. This is the best three linebackers we’ve played against and the best secondary we’ve played against. Without a doubt this is the best defense we’ve played against.”

On the talent of the Pac-10 Conference:
“Being in the conference, it’s apparent. It’s obvious. I don’t see the other conferences daily on film but it’s tough to imagine that there’s one out there that’s better.”

On Kevin Craft:
“I always had a lot of respect for him. I always thought he was their best quarterback. I always figured that he would be the quarterback that we’d be seeing. He’s resourceful. I think he’s very talented. He’s athletic, he’s a smart guy and he made some really big plays for them last year. And I’m not just talking about our game although he did very well. He threw for two touchdowns, including the game-winner, and 200 and it seemed like 50 yards or something. But other games too. I’ve seen him in hanging in the pocket and he made big-time throws. Just from my perspective, I really believe he’s their best quarterback.”

On Stanford’s special teams:
“Specifically with Chris (Owusu) and his ability to return the kickoff and make big plays, that’s been a real boost. It’s changed the complexion of two games for sure because they happened on the opening kickoff and we’re playing from ahead, and it affects field position for the rest of the game. That’s been good because we’ve had good field position. When teams haven’t kicked to him, they’ve had a short kick or a kick out of bounds and that really sets you up with good field position.”

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  • Anonymous

    I think Harbaugh is trying to mindtrick the Bruins into thinking Craft is our best quarterback, so that he has a better chance to win. Throw in Brehaut! Although Craft gave us a victory against K-state, everytime he throws, it makes me nervous.

  • AJTovar

    Kevin took his lumps last year and made more than his share of boneheaded mistakes but I’m through talking or worrying about that. I’m on the KC bandwagon this week and I believe he’ll have another solid performance.

  • lavsmousse

    Craft needs to hire Harbaugh as his publicist. I’ve never heard a guy blowing so much sunshine up you know where before.


    Come on, folks, this is football coach talk. What do you expect the Stanford coach to say?– Yeah, ucla has improved but they have lost 10 out of 11 years to SC, their quarterback throws many more interceptions than touchdowns, their defense is improved but we have ways to bust it, and they’re coming in to our ‘house’ where we are a touchdown favorite. You think we are going to lose to these second-rate L.A. guys?– No way.

  • j_doe

    Yeah, I am sure that is it. Harbaugh has now duped Neuheisel and Chow into starting Craft. That Harbaugh sure is tricky.