• MaltBaa

    Well he said he wants to go to a program that is building, who ever wins this game will be in first place. So i guess it would be beneficial to lose this game.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that Answer 5 is much more popular than Answer 4 at this point.

  • spedjones

    word from the Farm is that he’s a done deal for them. Another big loss for the Bruins if true.

  • Anonymous

    I think him seeing UCLA’s Redshirt/Freshman Depth: Franklin, Knox, Thigpen + possibly us getting Barr or James, Stanford will be his choice due to lack of depth and more carries per game after Gerhart leaves.

    Gerhart averges 23 carries per game and i think that’s what Malcom wants to have as a Sophomore. Stanford does have Gaffney and 3 other freshman RB, but that’ll be a more open competition than beating out Franklin, Coleman and Knox.

    I hope we get him though but I’n not to confident.

  • spedjones

    no true stud should be afraid to compete for a job, particularly on a team that’s just starting to build back up. There are a million examples, but take Ryan Williams at Va Tech. He’s exploding, but only after Darren Evans exploded last year then blew his knee pre-season. Guys who can play will play, period. As much as I hate to say it, this is why SC’s so freakin good – they get guys who will lay it out day in and day out, all season and all year long.

  • CAJason80

    I have a hard time seeing him coming to UCLA. RB just isn’t a position of need for us right now.

    Would be great if he did, but I’d hardly consider it the end of the world if he didn’t.

  • Bruintx

    Even more interesting is that there is no answer 4 or 5… however, if there were, I imagine 5 would be more popular if only because its a prime number! šŸ™‚

  • Jewin

    On the face of it, RB isn’t a “position of need” for Stanford either. They have 5 freshmen RB’s listed on their roster. In addition, they already have 2 commits for 2010, plus offers out to like 7 more. If Malcolm wants to be guaranteed playing time, Stanford ain’t the place for him.