Post-practice update

While the temperature dipped on Tuesday afternoon, UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel did not believe his player’s energy did.
The Bruins were active on offense and playmakers on defense, as there were a handful of crunching hits. Andrew Abbott popped Randall Carroll with a beautiful shoulder tackle late in the day.

Here are a couple of interesting things to note:
After starting the same offensive three straight games just once last year – Weeks 4 through 6 – the Bruins have put out the same group every game this year.

UCLA must keep an eye on electric returner Chris Owusu. Owusu averages 59.2 yards per kick return. Fifty. Nine. Point. Two.

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  • j_doe

    Jon, What does Ekbatani look like this week in practice??

  • Nick looks very comfortable in there rotating in with the first team. He’s a little tentative, as can be expected. But you can tell he is an experienced lineman in regards to his communication and brains. A welcome addition, I’m sure for the Bruins.

  • Reformed Droog

    Special teams and tackling were the two glaring deficiencies after the K-State game. Not good against a team that is going to pound the ball right up the middle and play three-dimensionally on returns.

    Let us hope that these problems have been cleaned up in practice…

  • MaltBaa

    As long as we tacckle well and play good on special teams I will believe we will do fine, Stanfords game is taylor made for us. They like to run and we defend the run well. An average quarterback is not going to rip apart our secondary. Craft needs to play within the offense like he did againts k state. Let our defense do the talking andwe will prevail victorious. other thoughts??

  • MaltBaa

    JOn, what is your prediction for stanford?

  • j_doe

    Jon, Thanks for your reply regarding Ekbatani. Yes, he should be able to have positive impact on the O line.

    Droog, I am not sure that the tackling was bad vs. K State. I thought there was a lot of over-pursuit. Once the Bruins got their hands on them, they were making good tackles. I don’t think that Stanford runs a lot of cut backs like K State does. I think Gerhart is a North/South type runner with power. We’ll see.

  • Daniel Graham B

    Special teams will be cruicial this week. Pressure on Luck will also be just a crucial, even though he is a Freshman, he still has the skill set to make the big throws and I believe they will put some trick plays in there because of our defense’s tendacy to over persue.