The Other Game in Town: Part 2

Now Fox Sport’s Billy Witz says UCLA-Stanford is the big game in the Bay this weekend…

Other Game

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  • Anonymous

    Now we know where Billy Witz went.

  • DrewB

    ESPN reporting that Malcolm Jones favors UCLA over Stanford.

    “I just talked to him and he said he still likes UCLA,” Oaks Christian coach Bill Redell said. “He liked Stanford and has some family pushing him there for the academics, but UCLA is where he wants to go.

    “He told me a week ago he would have his decision made before October and today is the last day of September, so I know he should be getting close. If there’s a family struggle going on, obviously it could take longer but as of today, he wants to go to UCLA.”

    Jones is one of the top backs in the West and a very talented linebacker prospect as well. In fact, some feel he may project better on the defensive side of the ball, although he wants to play running back in college.

  • spedjones

    and Chris Ward will commit as well. Just ask the pay site folks as they try to get tricky with their post captions.

  • solomonbruin

    Billy Witz finally said something positive about UCLA.

  • Daniel Graham B

    Come to UCLA! The education is very close to that of Stanford and the girls are hard to beat!

  • Anonymous

    Are Stanford or UCLA favored to win the Pac-10 now?

  • Charlie Bucket

    so are we sticking with the wide-eyed bear with the gaping maw as the blog banner mascot? it’s still giving me nightmares…..well then at least show the whole bear, not just the astonished face.

  • Jesus of Pacoima

    Charlie, I am a big fan of your work on Wolf’s blog. You show great discipline. Kudos. Jesus.