Prince gets his work in

Redshirt freshman quarterback Kevin Prince has been throwing the ball around a lot more in practice the last couple days.
He’s still on target for the Oregon game, though his availability needs is to be determined.
On Wednesday, he stayed long after practice throwing the ball around with Logan Paulsen and assorted other targets, just trying to keep a crisp touch on his ball.

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Five for Five with Terrence Austin

On what it’s like to get avoided in the return game:
“Man, it’s frustrating, it really is. You kind of get real hot, you’re on a roll, you’re running them back, you’re getting some big returns, and then the other team kicks it away. It’s tough. That’s what comes when you’re making big plays though.”

On the magnitude of the game:
“We do know this is an important game, and we know the situation with the Pac-10, but really we’re trying to take this step by step. As far as we’re concerned, this is the best game we’re going to play for the rest of the season, because it’s the next game. That’s what we’re more worried about.”

On the 3-0 start:
“It’s real important we started at 3-0. It’s definitely given us confidence. We’ve pretty much forgot about all that happened last year, but we’re not forgetting 4-8. We know that it’s the beginning, we’re 3-0 and it’s Pac-10 play now. In order for us to kickstart and show that we’re improved, we have to keep winning. It starts right here.”

On the Stanford game last season:
“The game was a scratch-and-claw the whole game. All four quarters were tough. Stanford pulled away, we came back – it was a tug-of-war. I remember it really violent out there, a really physical game, and we pulled it out in the end.”

On Kevin Craft’s game-winning touchdown to Cory Harkey against Stanford last year:
“I remember running around in the backside, and Harkey was covered a little bit. Kevin scrambled a little to try and make room, and Harkey shook loose. I’m looking from the backside, and I’m like, ‘Aww, there’s nobody open. Is Kevin gonna run?’ I’m running over to try to get a block, and I see Kevin let the ball go, and I’m looking like, ‘Oh man, where’s the ball going?’ Harkey’s back there to catch the ball, and I just went berserk.”

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From the Other Side: Chris Owusu

I spoke with Stanford returner/wideout Chris Owusu for a feature earlier today, and he had some things to say about the game on Saturday:

On what he expects:
“I expect a hardfought game. Our special teams coordinator told us that they worked so hard on it, and we see it in the field. Their players have really bought into the coach’s plan, and that’s why theyre 3-0. I know its going to be tough. I know theyre going to run their butts off. We have to be prepped for their best effort.”

On the magnitude of the game:
“Obviously this is a very big game for us. UCLA is a great opponent, they fought hard for where they’re at. Its their first Pac-10 game, and we’ve already won two. We just want to keep it going. This game can take us to where we want to go. It should be a great battle for both of us.”

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And the game ball goes to…

In a beautiful gesture, UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel awarded Andra Dellins, wife of UCLA Associate Athletic Director of Sports Information Marc Dellins, a specially engraved game ball from the San Diego State game in Week 1.
Andra, who has been dealing with an illness and is often alongside Marc at practice, accepted the award to a rousing applause, and several players gave her a standing ovation.
Just a very cool moment to watch.

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Neuheisel On:

On Wednesday’s practice:
“We’re right on schedule with respect to our plan, with respect to the eagerness to play. We’re very respectful of our opponent, but we’re anxious to play. We’ll keep putting the finishing touches as the week goes on, but I like where we are.”

On the excitement of the Stanford game:
“The guys are into it, there’s certainly an eagerness associated with this kind of game – opening Pac-10 game and ABC has picked us for that 12:30 slot. It’s exciting for the UCLA football program to be thought of in this way. Now we have to go play like we need to play to get this opportunity again.”

On winning on the road in the Pac-10
“Road wins in this conference are kind of difficult. Everybody is kind of finding that out. It takes a special kind of mindset. Fortunately we had a good road test going to Tennessee. I know that doesn’t count for any points in this game, but certainly we go in expecting good things of ourselves. When you except that, rather than wonder that, you can focus on the things that are going to help you win.”

On Stanford’s offensive line:
“They’re a very good looking offensive line. Very sound. They’ve got two young players on the front who, just like our younger players, are playing very well. They’ve got a toughness about them. It’s obvious they preach that toughness.”

On the eagerness to play:
“I just think our guys are dying to play and to prove that what’s happened thus far is not a fluke. The only way to do that is to prove it on a weekly basis. We’re trying to get that done.”

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