• UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Well, that’s a safe pick. Basically, he calls it even, but gives Stanford the nod on “HFA.” What he fails to consider is that playing on the Farm is no HFA. The Cardinal fans only get fired up if they run out of Chardonnay while ‘tailgating’ on the wood chips outside the Stadium. The home field is essentially neutral in this game. The team that plays relatively error free will come out on top. If UCLA shoots itself in the foot with penalties and turnovers, it will be a difficult task. If UCLA can get one or two TOs — and convert them into points — we should be OK.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right on.


    Uuuh, excuse me, but Stanford has that ace in the hole Gerhard (am I spelling his name correctly?) who is a battering ram and knocked off ucla last year. I say Stanford gives the ball to him about half the time and ucla has a difficult task in holding him to less than 150 yards. That spells ‘ucla defeat.’

    And I have been to Stanford a couple of times and their fans can be as loud as any fans in California (which is not comparable to Ohio State etc). But when you have the ‘battering ram’ who needs the crowd noise.

    If I am a betting man, and the point spread is almost a touchdown for Stanford, I don’t go with ucla in this one.


    Oops, that Stanford victory was 2-years ago.


    But the analysis of the fundamentals of this game does not change.

  • Reformed Droog

    While your analysis is cute (albeit completely incorrect), please remember that the team that underperforms and chokes annually is your Trojans, not the Bruins. Please try to get your facts straight before you decide to try and make yourself feel better by talking trash to the team that still IS undefeated.

    2004: UCLA 21, Stanford 0
    2005: UCLA 30, Stanford 27
    2006: UCLA 31, Stanford 0 (Gerhart: 32 yards)
    2007: UCLA 45, Stanford 17 (Gerhart: 0 yards)
    2008: UCLA 23, Stanford 20 (Gerhart: 138 yards)

    And just so we’re remembering our history properly…

    2007: USC 23, Stanford 24

  • Fan4Life

    Talkin bout history. Last year, Kevin Craft and UCLA had their worst games after bye weeks. Two weeks to prepare for BYU and 12 days to prepare for ASU. And both games were on the road. Somewhat similar to this week as UCLA had a bye week, plays a team on the road and Kevin Craft is the QB.

    When Kevin Craft has too much time to prepare, he doesn’t do well. He thinks too much out there. But put him in the two minute (Tennessee, Stanford) and allow him to do his thing and he becomes the best QB in the Pac 10.

    UCLA is at a disadvantage because we had too much time to prepare. Too much gameplan in KC’s noggin. Ugh!


    Thanks, I stand corrected. I flunked ucla history. I’m just not much of a fan.