Two for Two with Norm Chow

On the Craft-to-Harkey touchdown:
“We had to score. There wasn’t anything but a few seconds left. We called an empty formation, and there was a little confusion on their part. We didn’t have anyone open, but we practice a scramble drill, and Harkey realized what was going on.”

On the Stanford win last year:
“Obviously it was a nice win, and I don’t want to demean that. But this is another year, another time. We never look beyond the next game, we never look back to far. This is coach-speak, I know. But it’s the truth. We don’t talk about anything else.”

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  • Dan

    It’s about time you changed the name to Jon Gold’s blog on this website…the Dohnster has been gone for awhile now and it’s your train….full steam ahead Mr. Gold!

  • Ri-L

    The banner at the top does say Jon’s name, and has for weeks. Maybe you need to refresh? The page title has his name too….

  • Anonymous

    If the old Dohn title appears in your favorites or bookmarks, you need to manually change it since it doesn’t update automatically.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, they finally changed at …

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I suppose the Dn wanted to make sure Jon got passed his ‘probationary’ period. LOL

    IMO, he has exceeded expectations for a new UCLA beat reporter. Most importantly, he has the fire to do a great job in this position. As he grows into this role, we can expect he will keep us well-informed.

    Keep up the good work, Jon!