Neuheisel ON: UCLA

On using the speedy freshman recruits more often:
“We explore that all the time. Part of it, yeah, they go out there and they’re not sure. Part of it is, we’ve got to force the issue. When Damien Thigpen went in the game, he was a breath of fresh air. He gave us a jolt. We need to get that from Randall Carroll and some of the other youngsters.”
On Kevin Prince’s return:
“We’ll see how Kevin’s is doing. We’ll give him a chance to get him back in there with the ones. I’ve listed him at ‘or’, because I’m not sure. I’d love to see him be right where he was when he left off. If that’s the case, then yeah, Kevin’s in there. If there’s rustiness, and things worry us, then we’ll have to make that decision, too.”

On what Kevin Prince provides:
“I think the reasons we chose Kevin Prince in the begin are still the reason. He’s got a big arm, he can put the ball at all portions of the field. We need to keep working on some of that downfield throwing. He gives us a chance to do that.”

On Kevin Prince being able to return smoothly:
“It’s very difficult if you’ve not been able to do anything. If you’re just sitting around, which was the case when I tried to get back. It takes a while to get your legs back. That hasn’t been the case with Kevin Prince. He’s been able to throw, run, do everything quarterbacks do. H just hasn’t been able to talk, which may be what quarterbacks do best.”

On Christian Ramirez:
“We’d love to get Christian Ramirez going full speed. But I do believe we’ve got talented backs in Johnathan Franklin and Derrick Coleman and Milton Knox and Damien Thigpen. I’m waiting to see if Christian gets that little burst still. Right now he doesn’t look full speed to me. I know he’s feeling better, I just seen that burst yet.”

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