Neuheisel ON:

On Tuesday’s practice:
“Pleased with the effort – this is the first time we’ve come to practice after being unsuccessful. I love the way we rallied and fought band scratched, and I think now we have to polish. There’s a lot of cleaning up to do to be a better football team on Saturday.”

On Kevin Prince’s return:
“I thought he was pretty good. He still gets a little bit long in his stride and his accuracy diminishes a little bit. But I like Kevin. We’ll wait and see what the x-rays say tomorrow, but I think he’s ready to play.”

On Prince regaining the trust of the offense:
“I don’t think it ever went away. It was a different injury. It’s not like he was isolated having to be peddle on a bike or doing arm rehab. All he’s been able to do is just stand there, he runs around, he’s been doing all the signaling, he’s been right with the guys. He just couldn’t talk, which I think they thought was refreshing.”

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  • Anonymous

    “…which I think they thought was refreshing.”

    That was a funny line, Rick!

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the idea of playing Richard Brehaut? He has the best mobility of the QBs and adds a better run/pass option.

  • PowderKegBlue

    “I love the way we rallied and fought band…”

    I wish they would have fought the Stanfurd band. They’re an affront to all college students and fans.


    Coach Neuheisal is a genuine sunshine pumper. Except when is on the sidelines during games when he will bite your head off. I call that two faces.


  • Anonymous

    As opposed to Lawyer Jill who just shovels BS all the time. No one will accuse Lawyer Jill of being a two face: She’s consistently wrong.