Just heard word…

Kevin Prince has received medical clearance to play in Saturday’s game
versus Oregon.

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  • Spencer


  • 9UCLA5

    YES! Thanks for the update, Jon!

    Do you know if he will start?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Yippie-Ay-Yeah! Hoorah!

    Great for Prince! Great for the Bruins! Hope he hasn’t missed a beat. I trust he will keep his mouthpiece in at all times on Saturday!


    How is C-RAM progressing? Seeing that spark back yet? Or is he still hobbled?

    What about Thigpen? Getting any more reps in practice?

    Thanks, Jon!

  • Anonymous

    The question is; does “can” = “should?” Because he may not be 100%

  • Anon

    So much for interception free games.

  • rejn

    Stay healthy, KevinP

  • northbaybruin

    Thanks for the breaking news, Jon ! You run a “spot on” blog.

  • pr

    I was just getting used to our “Wild Craft” offense

  • Anonymous

    Neuheisel next monday:

    ” Kevin was coming off an injury so we needed to develop a plan that would protect him. We feel like we had our changes and give him options in which he was comfortable”

    If this is what we get, we deserve a better offense!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If Craft is so terrible, Price is not going to be completely ready (since we will have to talor the offense to him), where are the other QB’s in practice? Crissman has been in the program as long as Prince. Why isn’t he or anyone else ready? Why are they on scholarship if they’re not prepared to play? How do they look?

  • Brian

    I assume you don’t know that Crissman had shoulder surgery and missed all of last year. He was just cleared the throw a couple of months ago.

  • W3

    People seems to forget thta KCraft can’t throw the long ball. The one time he did he was picked (21 in 13 games nice) . Stanford knew he couldn’t deliver the long ball and loaded the box waiting for the run or short pass. Good that Prince is back, we’ll take our lumps but we’ll have a better chance of winning than we do with KCraft. We should have beat Stanford even with Toby. But, like last season, the “D” spent way too much time on the field. Plus if KPrince can’t go, give “Bree-Hoo” a shot his redshirt is burned anyway, again were going nowhere with KCraft running the show.