Quotables: Kevin Prince

On where he was before the hit:
“Well, before the hit, I was in Tennessee…now I’m back in LA. No, really, I was starting to rush things and starting to try to force things. Part of that was the incredible atmostphere we were in. I hadn’t been in that situation in a while. Coming back out here, I was more relaxed.”

On his absence being a good thing:
“It’s good for a little time. I don’t want to sit out for a season – I’ve already done that, and it wouldn’t do much good. Three weeks is a little longer than I’d want to sit out. It helps to sit back and watch someone else do it. I learned so much from watching Kevin last year, and just talking to him and getting advice. It was good to sit back and see what I could improve on. Watch Kevin do things I couldn’t do.”

On sliding or avoiding contact next time:
“I’d love to tell you that I’d slide, but we’ll see. That’s not my mentality.”

On being back with the team:
“It’s great to be back out here with the guys. The more you stay away – living at home for three weeks – I didn’t get to see the guys that much. It’s human nature to lose contact a little back. It’s great to get back here and start playing football again.”

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  • spedjones

    I just heard that Malcolm Jones ended the speculation.

  • Anonymous

    Good evening ladies and germs. Kevin Prince just flew in from Knoxville and boy are his arms tired.

  • BruinFaithful


    Buddy c’mon. Get on your game. What about what MOST Bruins want to know? The key question after somebody hasn’t eaten solids in weeks. How does K Prince look? How much weight did he lose? Did he gain any of it back? Does he look pale? Is he feeling or look weak? This is what we want to know.