Quotables: Kevin Prince

On the defense:
“I feel like with that kind of defensive effort, we deserved to win. They get those 14 points because of mistakes I made. The defense did a great job. If I started throwing better, even at the end of the game, we’re still in the ballgame.”

On the team’s resolve:
“We discussed this before as a team, the way the season went last year, when you’re backed up into a corner, there’s only two things you can do: you can go and hide or you can come out swinging. This is a team that’s going to come out swinging. We’re going to find a way to put this thing back together.”

On making big plays:
“You don’t really focus on making big plays. You take what they give you, and eventually big plays happen. What you saw today was our inability to make just regular plays. I take responsibility for that. It was my inability to get the ball to the right people. Oregon didn’t have to worry about us going downfield, I couldn’t get a first down. Those things will happen once we get back on track, once I start playing well. Those things will happen. We’ll make the short players, and the big ones will come.”