Neuheisel ON: Part 3

From the press conference

On defensive lapses of concentration:
“When things aren’t going well they become much bigger. There were lapses in concentration in the Tennessee win, in the Kansas State win. They just happened where they weren’t as monumental or pivotal in these last three weeks.”

On what ails the defense:
“It’s not one thing. It’s a combination of a lot of things. The big play was the haunting thing in this game. One of the big plays came when we missed an assignment and we didn’t follow our guy in motion so we were a man short. One of them we kind of guessed on a route rather than played a route. One of them was a bad angle and a guy out of control in a run scheme where Best goes 93 yards. Those are the little things I’m talking about. Practice will be a giant array of those little things.”

On what’s gone wrong the past three games defensively:
“We talked about the Stanford game having more missed assignments than in any of the previous three games. We work hard to shore that up and I thought we played pretty darn good defense against Oregon. The Oregon was a four minute spell with a kick return and an interception return that gave them 14 points.”

On the linebacker corps:
“Like probably all parts of our team, we can get better. We played with Reggie Carter this week who didn’t get to practice we felt because of his leadership and experience he was the best option. I think Reggie’s had better games. We can be better and we will be better.”