Contest Winner Questions – BE REAL for Brian Price

You have always been a good student. Some people find high school more challenging because they feel the pressure to get good grades to get into college. How would you compare the academics of your high school to ucla?
Up here is not easy, but they give us a lot of help to pass classes with tutoring and study halls. You get the work done, they set it up to where you can pass.

Kevin Craft said he would not want to play on the line because of its inherent violence. What do you do to change from your usual mellow self to a man who has to meet violence with violence?
Football, you’ve got to flip a switch. You can’t play passive. You have to get out here and get after it. You have to play like a madman. Like Lawrence Taylor says, you’ve got to play like a bunch of crazed dogs. Coach Bullough says it’s a gift to get angry. You can’t just go in public and hit somebody, you’d go to jail. Out here, anything goes, you can hit the sh*t out of somebody. That’s what you play football for, to hit somebody.

You dominated offensive lineman, especially in high school. Have you ever felt sorry for an offensive lineman that you were having your way with, and then backed off a little to save him some dignity?
It’s my job. I tell them don’t take it personal, I’m just doing my job. We’re all on a mission out here

Without stating anything profane give us some examples of the trash-talking that goes on in a football game.
Anything goes, you hear it all. But personally, I don’t say anything in games. I got the nickname Quiet Storm in high school from my dad because I don’t say much. But you can feel the impact, though.

You are projected as a high NFL draft choice when you decide to leave ucla. How would becoming an instant multi-millionaire change your life?
It wouldn’t just change mine but the people who are close to me. Even those who are not. I plan on doing things back in the community to help kids who are unfortunate. I want to start back at home. It would be great to live the life I’ve never lived before.

You have six sisters. What did you learn about womanhood from them?
I’m a ladies’ man now. I know it all. I can read a lady like a book now. I can look at them and tell if something’s wrong. I know it all. Maybe not everything – I mean, it’s a gift and a curse.

Drawing is one of your hobbies. Do you have any pieces that you have displayed?
That is like an escape from the pain. I don’t talk about my problems; I just used to draw. I’m not the greatest. I just do it for fun. The tattoos I have, I’ve draw them out, most of them. Display? No. I draw and give them away to certain people.

You went to high school in Crenshaw which is located in South Central. Bruins say SC is located in South Central, and say it in a derogatory manner. I know South Central and like the people there. Tell us something about South Central.
It isn’t as bad as every makes it seem in movies and stuff. You have violence, but it makes you a stronger person. Every day is not like that. You actually learn how to become a man, you grow up fast. You make a lot of friends to become street smart. Growing up there was a great experience – going through tragedy wasn’t great, but it’s made me the man I am today.

You played 3 years of baseball in high school. Can you still hit the curveball?
It’s hard to hit a curveball, but I think I can do it, take it over the fence.

You are a history major. If you could change one event in history to make for a better world what would it be?
Change the world? I don’t know man, everything happens for a reason. I wouldn’t want to change anything. If I change something, something else will happen. I’ll just leave it as it is.

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  • Anonymous

    Great questions! Nice to get to know the players on a more personal level

  • mrybill2


    I think you need to reevaluate your criteria for who gets to ask the questions each week. This week’s questions are fine (pretty good, actually) – that’s not the problem. It’s just that this week’s winner more than likely had predicted a Cal blowout (as had last week’s), and that might not be the best individual to choose to ask questions of a member of our team.

    Maybe total points scored, longest Forbath FG, or something like that.

  • Anonymous

    I like the questions readers have been asking. great job with that

  • Anonymous

    Brian is a good guy. He supports other UCLA teams.

  • lavsmousse

    I would just like to compliment BeREal on these questions. They are so much better than the mundane ones most journalists ask. Pay no attention to VB, he’s just jealous that he can’t ask questions as good as yours.

  • Anonymous

    VB needs to get real


    I’m a condom Troll. Can’t you tell with the PUSC question?

  • Anonymous

    VB, you are calling UCLA’s best player a bust?!! I’m sure he is fighting through a lot of double teams now that Harwell is gone. This may also contribute to Price getting rest on certain downs.

  • I’m pretty sure VB was MOCKING the typical questions that get asked of Price. He was saying it like, Come on, why don’t you ask him what EVERYONE else asks him.

  • Anonymous

    Those are actually a solid set of questions … from BE REAL?!


    Thanks gentlemen.

    Just goes to show that SC and ucla folks can get along…sometimes!

    aka LAWYER JOHN (the real one)

  • DigitalBruin

    VB is a tool

  • Anonymous

    BE REAL, if you are a USC fan, why are you so interested in Bruin football? Boggles my mind?! To the point where you would want to get to know our players? Really?

  • theuclan

    maybe you should have asked for his phone number bereal?

    i wish you could have asked him how midway through the season he is so out of shape? how can he be dominate from the side line?

  • Excellent feature

    B. Price’s answers validate the quality of the questions and show him to be a thoughtful young man. The questions cover a broad range of topics, and Price took the time to give a well expressed answer to each. Kudos to BE REAL and B. Price.

    As far as the comment on being a USC fan, perhaps BE REAL is first and foremost a football fan. The USC/UCLA thing is fun, but please! You’ve got to know when the fun stops and the mean-spirited bashing begins. Both are great universities providing first class educations and are assets to their neighborhoods, the Southland, and California. I’m a UCLA grad, but if one of my kids gets a full ride to USC, then Exposition Park here we come.

  • Anonymous

    How many people here knew how many sisters Brian Price had? Or about his love or art?

    They were great questions, no matter who they came from.

  • PUSC 3

    Hey BE REAL,

    How come you don’t live in south central?

    Yeah, sure you have friends that live in south central.