Weekly Answers, Part 2

1) Updates on Mobley & Maka please. – UCLAVES
Here’s an update on Mobley: Mobley

2) Where in the world are Jerry Johnson and Moutra and why arent they playing??? Are they THAT bad? – 909Bruin
The coaches don’t think they’re better than the five in the rotation. At this point, I’d just throw them out there and see what they can do, but that’s just me.

3) At the game Saturday, I overgeard heard two parents of highly regarded freshmen talking about how their kids are unhappy on the scout team and the fact the coaches seemed to care about them when they were recruited but the scout team players are treated like crap. Is there any morale issue with scout team guys? They are the future players. – Anonymous
Go to any program in the country and find me a happy recruited scout-team player. There won’t be one. Players on the scout team are taken for granted anywhere.

4) What does it mean when the crowd screams out “Supersize It!”?
I assume there’s some sort of deal with McDonald’s about passing a certain point barrier and getting a meal or something. Or the Hamburglar is holding each individual fan hostage and forcing them to scream. Let’s hope it’s not that.

5) What do you think are the worst/best case scenarios now that half the regular seasons over? – Anonymous

Best case scenario, 7-5. Worst case scenario, 5-7.

6) What are your thoughts on keeping Kevin Prince the starter? What has he done to warrant keeping the job: sub-50% completion rate, constant fumbles, multiple pick-six INTs, doesn’t have the velocity of Brehaut. When do the coaches open the competition at QB again? Does Brehaut get a real shot at the position this year, or even next year? – Bunche Hall
I think Brehaut deserves to play more, but Prince should be the starter. There’s no reason in a 19-point loss Brehaut shouldn’t get at least a few snaps. It’s not like it would interrupt the offensive rhythm. There was none. Prince has the tools to be an effective quarterback, but none of the help. Next year, I think the competition opens again with Brehaut given a year to catch up.

7) Using all of your knowledge about the program you’ve gained thus far, can you list your ideal (but still realistic) starting offense and defense for our team NEXT year, including commits and UCLA leans?
I wont jump on Rick’s case yet….but next year, he’s on the hook. – Anonymous

First of all, saying he’s on the hook is unfair. Judge him in 2011. Not a minute sooner.
QB Prince
RB Franklin
RB Knox
Short-yardage RB: Jones
WR1 Embree
WR2 Rosario
WR3 Presley
WR4 Carroll
Hybrid RB/WR Thigpen
OL Su’a-Filo
OL Hasiak/Baca
OL Maiava
OL Williams
OL Kia/Harris
TE Chandler/Harkey

CB Hester
CB Price
S Moore
S Love/Dye
LB Ayers
LB Westgate
LB Sloan
DE Jones
DT Carter
DT Edison
DE Holmes

K Forbath
P Locke
KR Thigpen
PR Thigpen

8) As with any program, it seems many fans are reacting too harshly to the state of UCLA football. It’s only Neuheisel’s 2nd year at the helm, and I expect to see more results by next year. At this rate, do you think it’s possible to go bowling (I’m assuming we’d need to finish at least 7-5)? – Tristan
No. To be honest, 7-5 would be very tough and 6-6 looks more likely, but doesn’t guarantee a bowl.

9) We were 8th in the Pac-10 last year with 3 conference wins. I thought we would ‘jump’ into the middle of the Pac-10 this year but we seem to be headed for another lower-tier finish (8th-10th). Are we making progress since Dorrell left? What was his worst finish in Conference play? – BruinBob
Absolutely making progress. The team was left threadbare by Dorrell, lost its No. 1 and No. 2 quarterbacks last year and still beat a talented Tennessee team. Then they beat three teams, including a win AT Tennessee, and loss to probably the three best of the five teams in the Pac-10. If this team started Pac-10 play with Washington State, Arizona State and Washington, they’re 6-0 and everyone is calling Rick Neuheisel a genius. All along they were going to lose to Oregon and Cal, and had an outside shot of beating Stanford, WITHOUT their starting quarterback. Smile.

10) Are you suprised that with CRN & NC at the helm the offense has looked so poor?
And how many recruits will be scared away by the lack of offense? – theuclan

Looked so poor? No. Frosh QB, RB, LT, LG, Soph RB2, WR2, WR3, C, RG, RT. Show me one team that looks great with a unit so young. Creative? Yes, I’m surprised that the offense hasn’t been more creative. I’d just get the ball in the hands of Knox, Thigpen, Carroll and Presley more often. I don’t think any recruits are scared away. I think they think they can help and want to come to a school where they can play early.

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  • lavsmousse

    I would be very surprised if both Fauria and Smith aren’t starting next year with the receivers group you have listed.

  • Anonymous

    Jon I really appreciate some of your answers..i think we have some fair weather fans who are unrealistic with their expectations. I personally believe that this team can beat anyone…but am i surprised when they don’t?? No.

  • VBs Cat

    so you think Brian Price leaves early? šŸ™

  • LAPDBruin’84


    Great answers…There are way too many “dolts” on this blog who expect too much at this stage of the game for a program that’s rebuilding. Thanks for providing a more realistic view. It’s great to have someone who is really excited about his assignment and who is excited about where this program is headed.

  • tony

    Jon —First of all ou are doing a great job.
    Secondly, your answers to #9 & 10 are really really spot on.
    Thanks for the great Coverage,

  • solomonbruin

    I really enjoy your work. Do you know why UCLA does not list the attendance at home games?

  • Anonymous

    Prince still starting? Brehaut wins the job hands-down next year.

  • Anon

    Solomon: List it where? It’s generally on the stats at the official site for every game.

  • Anonymous

    “What was his (Dorrell’s) worst finish in Conference play? – BruinBob”

    Dorrell’s finishes, in order; tied for 5th, tied for 5th, 3rd, 4th, tied for 4th.

    Both of RN’s finishes are gonna be worse than ANY of Dorrell’s. The apologists will have you believe that worst “two consecutive years” (only time UCLA ever finished 7th or worse, two straight years) somehow isn’t on RN.

  • Anonymous

    Sheesh. I asked the starting lineup for next year question….I hope you’re wrong! Looks like our recruiting class won’t be getting any better and nobody who doesn’t start this year is going to improve? Yikes

  • Pablo

    This is about the supersize it. I am the one who came up with that it was a chat to get the bruins on third down to get the fans behind them to get a first down. We started it about 5 years ago and now I can’t go any where without people yelling me to supersize it. Wow this is amazing u have been in Laughlin and some one said to supersize all away across the casino now an article. Go bruins lot 6 crew