Weekly Answers, Part 3 – Keep em coming

1) Why has there been such a dip in the game performance of UCLA’s defensive big three, Price, Verner and Carter? All three were supposedly headed for big years this season. – Scott
Price has been an absolute beast, on pace for 21 TFL and eight sacks, joke numbers for a defensive tackle. Verner has been good – three INTs isn’t bad – but he’s been exploited at times, particularly in glaring situations. Carter already has two more TFL than all of last year and will finish with more tackles. I don’t think those three are the problems…

2) On that TD pass to Javid Best, I counted only 10 players ucla …where was Verner?
Frankly, I think the players get over a lose fast, so thinking why should fans labor a loss so hard? – JoeB.Ruin
First, of all, UCLA had 11 players on the field on the Best TD catch. Fans are fans – fanatics. They care, and it’s great they care until they start getting unreal expectations, which I think was the case with many UCLA fans this year. 8-4? I don’t think this team ever dreamt of being 8-4.

3) Earlier, you said you thought Morgan would start at center for the BB team. Last season he looked pretty raw and out-of-shape. Have you seen him playing well in the gym or was that more of a guess/projection?
Why him over Gordon? – Steve
Everything Howland said about the offseason’s most improved player was about Lee and Morgan. Same with the players. They all hyped him up.

4) How do you pronounce Hasiak? For some reason I always thought it was “Hash-ick” but announcers keep saying “Hass-y-ick”. – UCLABZ
HayZeeAck…I think. I hope, or else I’ve been sounding like an idiot.

5) What happened to the NCAA sanctions that were supposedly coming to USC football and basketball for clear violations of rules??? Is the NCAA hoping it all goes away so they won’t have to punish a football team who brings them lots of revenue? – anonymous
Yes, the NCAA wants USC to win more than any other team. They all secretly wear maroon underwear and gold undershirts and sit back in their chairs like C. Montgomery Burns saying exxxcellent. Seriously, I think the NCAA is taking its time in the investigation because it appears there’s a LOT to uncover.

6) I too would be surprised if Kai Forbath left early for the NFL. That being said, he’s got the best leg in the country, better than most NFL kickers and has proven his consistency. A player can come back and get his degree at any time. Are there any good reasons why he shouldn’t go? – Sam Bradford’s third cousin
Yes, because this is college and he’s with his best friends and he has a great life. This year he’d be a 6th/7th round pick. Next year, he’s a 6th/7th round pick. I’d stay in school.

7) Who is thrown under the bus first, Neuheisel or Chow? – Hard Knocks Wife

8) Who beats USC first, Charlie Weis or Rick Neuheisel? – Charlie Bucket
Rick Neuheisel

9) Any idea where Alfred Aboya and Josh Shipp will be playing ball this season? – Steve
I think Shipp is going to end up in Italy and Aboya in France.

10) Are there any recruits that are pretty much down to choosing between UCLA and usc? – The Edge
Not down to those two, but Deitrich Riley is interested heavily in both.

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  • Anonymous


    I understand your reasoning with Forbath, however he will graduate in June 09 and most of his friends are his age and will most likely be graduating as well. I’m not sure if Forbath will be around next year

  • Still Faithful

    Whoever asked #1 needs to open his eyes. Brian Price has been a monster even when double teamed. It really is scary how good and dominant he is.

    As far as #9. I’m pretty sure Josh is playing in Turkey right now.

  • spedjones

    any updates on last week’s visitors, Seastrunk in particular?

  • Mike H class of 90

    Kai can’t reach the end zone with his kickoffs in college…he will have even more trouble in the NFL. Not many teams will be willing to have 2 kickers on their squad. He isn’t a great early entry candidate, imo.

  • Anonymous

    That would mean Neuheisel beats SC this year because if Clausen returns the Irish will be extremely tough next year.

  • bruins_united

    @ #2 JoeB.ruin:
    As JG said there were 11 players on the field. I also believe Best was coming out of the backfield and had a linebacker on him. What happened was Best, an All-American track star with world-class speed, outran our linebacker Bosworth on man-to-man coverage. Plain and simple.

    @ #5:

    It’s a money situation that the NCAA does not want to lose out on. SC is a big program here out in the left coast and sanctioning the team will be huge in terms of NCAA revenue. (tin foil on my head).

  • He had a defensive end coming with him if I am correct. I think it was Korey Bosworth.

  • Sid

    Sorry, but no D-lineman or Linebacker in the Pac-10 has a chance at covering Jahvid Best on a wheel rout out of the backfield.

    You need safety help to have any shot at defending that…and the safety on that side (I believe it was Tony Dye on that play) should have read that play.

    It was a great play call.

  • El Maton

    #8…NEITHER!! Both will be removed from their programs before they beat USC

  • Al Davis

    If Forbath runs a 4.8 or better at the combine, I’ll take him #1 overall!

  • Anonymous


    While hanging out with your college buddies is nice, wouldn’t it be safer for Forbath to go pro now?

    Look at the tens of millions Sam Bradford may lose.

  • lou

    Forbath does not have the leg to kickoff as previously mentioned. Also, while he is accurate from NFL distances on his FG’s, he tends to kick line drives when kicking long. Those will easily be blocked in the NFL. He has work to do so leaving early would not be wise unless he wants to go the way of Medlock and get cut in his 1st year.

    And Claussen is likely to turn pro this year. With a possible Rookie Pay Scale in 2011 and him being a 1st round pick this year he would be wise to go. Same with Locker. Bradford is the tough one as he still has a year of eligibility but saw his stock drop a lot with his injury. Better for him to be the 15 pick in 2010 or #1 in 2011? A gamble….

  • Nope, I was wrong. It was Kyle Bosworth. I read the number wrong, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    The goalposts in the NFL are 6 feet smaller than in college. Plus Kai can’t kickoff.

  • Anonymous

    Howland already said that Shipp is playing in Turkey currently, averaging 25 PPG…get your facts right Gold.

  • Miss Manners

    Anon @ 7:35

    What happened to being civil? The last five words of your comment are gratuitous. I know it’s a small slight compared to the nastiness of others, but you could set the example for us all. Please read your words before you post, and make sure you say what you mean, mean what you say, and do so with class.


    Miss M.

  • hey ho!

    i think gold said he was not really a bruin fan growing up/ever. that is a dam shame and maybe the reason why he slips up on easy facts.

  • Anonymous

    Josh is “averaging” 25 points after ONE game.

    It’s crazy what kind of information you can find on this thing called the internet.


    Your answer on Mobley was cut off, please re-post. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Have any of you actually talked to Forbath? I did after the game last week. He still has a quad issue he’s dealing with, thus no kickoff for him.