On the Kaiser High Flyby

Some Inside UCLA reader has asked 10 questions about this post by Scott Wolf on the InsideSocal.com/USC blog:


Well, after about seven phone calls, I finally reached the Kaiser High Athletic Director, Mark Olay. Here’s what he said:

Was there an incident with Coach Neuheisel on a recruiting trip?
“He wasn’t aware that his pilot called at 5:30 on Wednesday and requested to land on the field. I assumed he meant practice field. We weren’t in the position to maintain a perimeter and hire security. It’s no big thing.”

Will it affect the recruitment of Josh Shirley?
“No, no not at all. We’ve coached a bunch of UCLA guys over the years. Its no big thing at all. UCLA’s great.”

So no repercussions?
“That was just a logistical thing. No big thing.”

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  • spedjones

    chopper flying over a field is the least of our concerns at this point. I’m sure Shirley wants to come play for the worst team in the PAC-10….

  • Football 101

    There were so many babies crying about this over other boards. The fans are as whimpy as the team.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe my n***a, Carroll be needin’ a ride in dat chopper to take his talented @zz to the Rose Bowl on game day.

  • Anonymous

    “Maybe my n***a, Carroll be needin’ a ride in dat chopper to take his talented @zz to the Rose Bowl on game day.”

    HAHHAHAH classic.

  • samohopar

    Nothing like a 4 game losing streak to bring out the trolls.

  • cali

    Are some of you posters from another planet or did you go to a special university to learn how to speak like that. $%&#@$%@@@

  • Anonymous

    I was one of the individuals that asked flyby questions. Thanks

  • You are all people in need of better things to do. Real fans want us to pull out all the stops in efforts of landing TALENT that will be desperately needed on the defensive front next year. All you HATERS please go do something productive. You are not needed here…

  • Anonymous

    Anyone that thinks the team is going the wrong direction is a hater? It’s obvious to any sane person that this team has gotten worse. That points to coaching and the inability to help players progress. Recruits will pick up on this and opt not to attend UCLA.

  • don’t sell you tix

    Some SC jerk in my office got a message from their ticket office. They’re buying up the UCLA game seats. Go to the game and support our team! Don’t sell out or surrender.

  • carroll

    dat n**a chow don no how to win. Den dat n**a RN make da boyz go englis class.4 sur goin sell me tix

  • Anonymous

    Funny that the SUC trolls here probably haven’t heard their own suc athletes speak. Enunciate trojies, enunciate.

  • antiinf

    Wait, do the trojans commenting here remember that Carroll was originally an SC commit (who here believes in the slightest that he wouldn’t have cleared SC’s admissions)? Hypocritical much?