Jerzy Siewierski out with plantar fasciitis

UCLA officials just confirmed to me that defensive tackle Jerzy Siewierski has plantar fasciitis and will be out indefinitely.
In his place will likely be a rotation of David Carter and Jess Ward.

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  • Rico Bruin

    Wow! I had that and after a cortisone injection and orthotics was cured???

  • so west Coast

    wow, that blows…

  • ERic


    Why don’t we just swith to 3-4 defense so that way Ward and Carter could spell Price?

    Getting an extra MLB out there would give us more speed on the field and it would throw off Oregon St.

    I know it takes a while to lear a new defense but what other options do we have and we have lost 4 in row.

    Would you try it?

  • BruinFaithful

    That’s JUST GREAT!!!! I wonder which side Quizz and OSU is going to run to.

  • Anonymous

    on ESPN insider, there’s a rumor that Michigan might steal one of our recruits. Does anybody know who they are talking about?


    No worries, UCLA fans, its not like UCLA had any reasonable chance to win up at Corvalis, especially with the Quizz set up to run through the swiss cheese UCLA defense. This is just another hole in the swiss cheese.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • dvldoc

    I think Michigan Insider is talking about Tony Jefferson.

  • MaltBaa

    or its earnest thomas, he is from big 10 country

  • edob3017

    It’s Jefferson according to

  • Coach Thom

    Our coaching staff has us back-pedaling into the dark Dorell daze. If the coaches don’t know who they are going to play in what position, if the players don’t know if they’re going to start, back up, or not even take the field, what can we tried and true Blue n’ Gold fans expect…except maybe empty bleachers and quizzical expressions on TV commentators faces? Oh, oh. I think I hear the splash of formerly committed recruits jumping ship. I am one very lost and confused Old Bruin.

  • Anonymous

    somewhere dorrell is smiling

    ore st.- 56
    ucla – 3

    ucla goes 3-8 this year

    5-6 in 2010
    6-6 in 2011

    school drops football program in favor of team pocket pool!

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