Weekly Answers, Part 2

1) What would you do with Kevin Prince? It seems his confidence is shot, and he is now a detriment to the team. – Bunche Hall
I would work on him extensively in practice, and let Brehaut or Craft start the next game.

2) With Matt Barkley obviously having a grip on the USC quarterback job for the next three year, will UCLA try and recruit Jesse Scroggins from Lakewood High? – Anonymous
I doubt they’ll push too hard for him with Nottingham coming in and two freshman getting playing time now.

3) Rick Neuheisel’s helicopter flyby at Kaiser High School angered that school’s officials and they questioned letting him near the field. Has Neuheisel burned his bridges at Kaiser and has he received that type of negative reaction elsewhere? – Anonymous
Check it out: Flyby

4) Would it make sense at this point to play some of the frosh on the RS Scout team? Or do you just keep them as redshirts and hold for the future? I am thinking in particular of guys like Marvray and Golper. Marvray supposedly can run crisp routes and Golper in high school was considered a tackling machine who always was on the ball and never missed tackles. Rivals had him rated #5 in the country on pure instincts and having a nose for the ball. – Anonymous
Marvray has a heck of a lot of talent, but has not displayed the consistency needed at the position. Golper is far behind the big three linebackers and even the second team. He’ll be a good player, but not worth it to burn the redshirt.

5) What are your “10 steps to help the current UCLA football team get better today?” – Anonymous
1) Play Randall Carroll more. 2) Get Milton Knox and Damien Thigpen at least six touches each per game. 3) Tell Kevin Prince he can throw eight picks and you won’t bench him because you have that much faith, or put Richard Brehaut in. 4) Blitz more up the middle. 5) Pass more on first down and second down in the red zone. 6) Stop throwing short to Logna Paulsen and Ryan Moya on third down. 7) Make Derrick Coleman a blocking back or put Trevor Theriot in there on short downs. 8) Stretch the field as often as possible, even purposely overthrowing wideouts just to get the defense on their heels. 9) Relax. That should be No. 1, actually. 10) Pull Kevin Prince if he’s struggling and play Richard Brehaut. Too hard to readjust confidence in the middle of a game.

6) During the whole Randall Carroll Twitter blowup, the heart of it was that UCLA practiced the creative, daring plays I expected from Chow, but doesn’t run them in games. Is this a fact? Why is this Chow offense so bland? – Anonymous
This Chow offense is so bland because the offensive line does not get the consistent protection needed to guarantee a creative play doesn’t blow up in their faces.

7) How is it that Utah, Boise State Cinn. and Tcu who to my knowledge have not had higher rated recruiting classes consistently put a better product on the field? Coaching or poor evaluation? – Mbrant
First of all, a much, much easy schedule for many of those teams. Secondly, Boise State recruits against Idaho, Montana and Wyoming for local talent. UCLA recruits against USC. Third of all, those mid-major teams have a hell of a lot of speed, and the Bruins simply don’t. TCU recruits running backs and then converts them to defensive end. It’s a risk, but it pays off.

8) Is there a schism between the offense and defense yet? – Bunche Hall
How could there not be? No one will go on the record with me yet, but there has to be some frustration.

9) Has Rick re-evaluated implementing the Spread at all? – Fan4Life
The team does not have the kind of offensive line needed to protect a quarterback in a spread offense, and Prince/Brehaut/Craft aren’t good enough right now to pull it off.

10) What do I have to do to get an answer to my question about Jackie Robinson and other four-sport athletes? This is the third week I have asked. – Jungleland
Send me an email at jon.gold@dailynews.com and I’ll do my best to find out. I don’t have the opportunity on Fridays, when I typically finish the Q&As, to ask that question. Remind me, and I’ll make sure I find out this week. Thanks for your patience.

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  • VBs Cat

    I totally agree with you on your 10 steps.
    would also like to see the FB do a wheel route.

  • Tustin Dave

    Interesting that someone asked about Scroggins. UCLA evaluated him and didn’t offer. Whether that was right or not, they offered 5 QBs first and they took the 5th one.

  • lavsmousse

    My understanding of the Scroggins non-offer is that it was an academic issue.