P10 Hoops Media Day Extras: Part 4

Head coach Mike Montgomery, Cal
“They might not really be down at the end of the day. If they’re not really down at the end of the day, I guess they weren’t down at all. The notion that people are saying certain things, that’s preseason stuff, that’s hype, that’s news. The reality is, they’ve got to play, and teams with those traditions tend to rise up a little bit because they’re used to it.”

Head coach Mike Montgomery, Cal
“They’ve got great players this year, they’re just young. You don’t lose first-round guys two or three years in a row and expect to maintain. You can’t recruit behind them necessarily without knowing they’re going to leave. You just don’t know that any more. All of a guy leaves after one year and you say, ‘Aw, shucks that’s really going to hurt us’. Then the next year, you have two more guys go who you didn’t expect to leave. Well you’re three first-round draft picks down from what you expected to be, and that’s hard to overcome.”

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  • JosephineBruin

    info on new commit please OL from AZ



    GO BRUINS Let’s start this win streak!!!

  • Anonymous

    No more quotes… pls, some real insider info.