P10 Hoops Media Day Extras: Part 2

Head coach Johnny Dawkins, Stanford
On the parity of the Pac-10
“There’s a lot of parity, but I thought the same thing last year. From top to bottom there’s terrific talent. Every game is very, very competitive. It’s reflected in what you see with the preseason polls. Both (UCLA and Arizona) have lost a lot of players, but there is parity.”

Head coach Johnny Dawkins, Stanford
On why UCLA will stay competitive:
“I’ve watched coach Howland for a number of years, and he’s a great coach. Right away I’ll say that. He hasn’t done what he’s been able to do for these years without being able to coach his butt off.”

Head coach Johnny Dawkins, Stanford
On the youth of the conference:
“The conference is younger; we lost a lot of experienced players. Guys are going to have to fill their shoes and play new roles. There are a lot of unknowns on a lot of teams. But that makes it exciting. Kids always show us that they are remarkable, they will step up and rise to the occasion given the opportunity to do so.”

Forward Quincy Pondexter, Washington
On the topsy-turvy Pac-10
“It’s how college basketball is. Every kid on the West Coast wants to compete at the schools in the Pac-10. The talent on the west coast is so good that it makes the conference like that. That’s why you see the years of Washington, UCLA, USC’s been good – I just think everyone takes turns because the conference is so competitive.”

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