Checking in from Reser Stadium

Hello folks,

Here I am at Reser Stadium under the grey sky for UCLA vs. Oregon State. I’ll be checking in throughout the game as usual, so please feel free to ask any questions over the next few hours.

Besides a win, what are you eager to see today? How early should Richard Brehaut enter the game? How many carries should Johnathan Franklin get?

Thanks for checking in,

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  • Rico Bruin

    Jon I am hoping that Knox is utilized today.
    I think he really has the ability to be a “chain mover” type of back, yes I know that’s not a word LOL.

    As for Hasiak was he healthy this week?

  • samohopar

    Anybody know of any sites where we can watch the game live?

  • bruin_nine_one

    play thigpen and knox more