Halftime observations

* The offensive line has been pitiful. You read it right: pitiful. There is absolutely zero consistency there, and guys are even getting run over.
* Compounded that with the fact that Kevin Prince seems hesitant to let it go early into man-on-man coverage, and the offense has been awful.
* This “creative” play-calling that UCLA started off with resulted in about five yards and nothing more.
* The defense is playing adequately, only burnt twice, on the Rodgers-to-Camp touchdown pass and on a 42-yard connection from Canfield to James Rodgers.
* Some sad stats: UCLA outgained 248-86; UCLA 18 rushing yards; UCLA four fumbles; UCLA three sacks.
* UCLA playing down 16 into the third quarter does not inspire positive thoughts.

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  • martin

    WTF is Knox in the game? Not one touch. WTF. I am starting to hate Neu!