Post-game extras

* Neuheisel had a pretty entertaining give-and-take with TJ Simers, who wondered if CRN/CNC were babying Kevin Prince: “We’re going to disagree on babying our quarterback. I trust that the playcalls are the appropriate ones.”

* Tony Dye: “Every single one of them was a winnable game, and we were all in winnable situations. We just let it slide through our fingers every single time. It’s getting old. Two minutes they drove, what, 70 yards? That’s the kind of stuff we’re giving up that gives them these close wins.”

* Nelson Rosario: “That’s everything I did in high school. That’s natural to me. That’s stuff I’m used to doing. Honestly, I just want whatever works. But seeing that it works, we have to put that together.”

* Oregon State quarterback Sean Canfield on going short time after time: “It was just a matter of picking away at them. They weren’t giving away much deep. We saw that all night, and we saw that in film. It was just a matter of being patient and being smart with the football.”

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    That collective thud heard all around Los Angeles is the Trojan base joining the ucla clan jumping off the respective bandwagons.

    But cheer up. Suddenly the SC-ucla game looks as if it will be competitive. And isn’t entertainment, not winning or losing, the bottom line. Come on, sports is not the real world.

    I was not happy with Oregon besting SC, but I was not bored as I watched an astounding performance by a Pac-10 team that looked as if it could beat Florida and Texas combined. Or maybe it was simply SC making the Ducks look so quacking good.

    And Prince impressed me with that last drive of 44-seconds. I don’t see much difference between him and Barkley. So look for a good game this year and in successive years. The rivalry is back!


  • Coach Thom

    Oregon’s offensive scheme and players (Masoli was brilliant) absolutely bedazzled the Trojies. SC had no answer for the quickness, speed, talent, and execution that the Ducks threw at them. That was one FUN game to watch…unlike any of ours since 2005. On a national level, I believe Florida and Texas would’ve stomped Oregon. The Pac 10 is still waaay behind those guys, but the Quackers belong in the Top 10, no doubt about it. Until we can land a coaching staff that has the creativity, flexibility, and downright football nous that the top 25 teams have, we will be sucking rotten eggs for a long time. I hate to disagree with you, BE REAL, but I think there is a chasm of talent separating Barkley from Prince. Barkley is the real deal. A superstar in the making. Our Kevin is just okay.

  • RodneyGuillory

    TJ Simers is an idiot. All he does is try to rile Neuheisel up. I’d have a shred of respect for TJ Simers if he’s at least act the same way to the SUC Toejams. He’s a one pony show.

  • Johnny Angel

    Simers is just a guy trying to preserve his gig. Anyone that reads his column gets what they deserve.

    The real news is that UCLA’s passing game finally showed signs of life.

    Oregon would thump over rated Florida and Texas as easily as they thumped sc.

  • dmc

    On Prince vs. Barkley—those guys went to alot of the same camps the past few years. The general consensus was that they were 1-2 (barkley the 1) in most of the camps. So while Barkley probably has more natural talent, i don’t think prince is far behind and may even be willing to work harder.