Some more post-game extras

Just got back into town, and here’s some extras from yesterday…

Norm Chow on the offense being drastically better in the second half:
“You always make halftime adjustments and they always do things to you you’re not expecting. They blitzed us a lot more on second down. People don’t see that.”

Tony Dye on what ails the defense:
“Big plays, man – we give up a deep ball, we drop a pick. Here and there, things are killing us. I think we’re doing pretty well when they’re just trying to drive the ball on us. We’re getting off the field; yeah, OK, they convert here and there, but I think what it comes down to is we’re giving up big plays.”

Nelson Rosario on Kevin Prince in the fourth quarter:
“He threw all the right passes he should have. He played like we all expect him to. Now we have to get more consistent with it. I wasn’t even aware of the whole 260-minute thing, I just knew we hadn’t scored a passing touchdown in a minute.”

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