Neuheisel ON:

On Arizona State quarterback Samson Szakacsy, who completed 13-of-22 passes for 113 yards and a touchdown, with a rushing touchdown, in the Sun Devil’s loss to Oregon on Saturday:
“We certainly take notice of him and think he played well in the second half. He does provide different challenges, but I’m not sure that means a wholesale change in their offense. He’s certainly capable of making some moves with his legs.”

On what doomed UCLA last year against Arizona State:
“We have to do a great job of not turning the ball over. Obviously that was the nightmare of a year ago. We just can’t do that. We can’t afford that. We have been better this year with regard to turnovers, especially interceptions. But we have to keep track of the football – this is too good of a football team to do that.”

On what the two-game winning streak means to UCLA:
“We’re a young team, and young teams are impressionable. To come off a couple of victories and still have a chance to get in the postseason – those are exciting things for our guys. It’s going to take a great effort, but we’re capable of it.”

On the Pac-10 conference:
This is as good and as deep a conference as I can recall. As a player, assistant coach and head coach before. This is unusual. You’ve better to be able to play each week, or you’ll face the consequences. There’s great coaching going on, great effort in the recruiting world. You can stockpile all these programs and give them a chance to be successful.”