Dragovic suspended

UCLA senior forward Nikola Dragovic was suspended for tonight’s matchup with Cal State Bakersfield for an off-court altercation.
Dragovic was involved in an incident last month at a concert in Hollywood; following an investigation, the LA District Attorney’s office filed felony assault charges.
He turned himself into the university police department today.

  • Bruin_Bry

    Again?! WTF?

  • lavsmousse

    What is going on with this kid? First the girlfriend incident and now this?

  • Tico

    Dude needs to go. CBH should make an example of him and show him the door. This isn’t usc. Of course, if he played defense and had a consistent shot, well…

  • Addition by Subtraction

    Jeez, can someone tell this kid to bring the kind of fire that caused these charges onto the court instead of the soft minutes he gives us?

    Drago is useless

  • Anonymous

    UCLA needs a leader but his clown has only shown that he is taking valuable minutes from those more promising freshmen. If he gets indicted, he will be kicked off the team. Perhaps it would invigorate the team after all. Look at Oregon’s FB team.

  • Coach Thom

    I agree. The kid obviously can’t control his temper in social situations. Bad reflection on UCLA and the BB program. Maybe we don’t know all the facts, but he’s setting a bad example for the younger guys regardless. Request a transfer for him to USC.


    SC would not want him. SC has had its share of misfits, and so has ucla.

    But what is hypocritical is to think the respective universities are responsible for their players’ misbehaving. Come on, boys and girls, these are testosterone-driven, entitlement-inspired, spoiled athletes we are talking about. SC and ucla cannot expect to police their every activity.

    Besides, compared to the 18-22 year old population at large, the athletes’ rap sheet fares far better than their non-athletic counterparts.


  • Reality Bites

    OK, let’s throw this kid under the bus before we know anything about the incident or who has filed charges. We don’t know squat at this point, but let’s jump to conclusions nonetheless.

  • theuclan

    reality bites

    this isn’t the first time for this knucklehead… get rid of him now!!!!!

  • Stop Coddling Grown Men People

    He’ out of shape this year. He takes too many shots. He gets arrested bi-yearly for assault, and he’s supposed to be the leader of the team. It’s indefensible, really. Boot him off the team, and let him finish up school for his degree. Our YOUNG, promising basketball team doesn’t need that kind of a first impression to D-1 ball.