How bad was it?

Here’s Ben Howland on the 27-point loss to Portland….
“We really have some soul searching to do before we step on the floor in 22 hours,” Howland said. “We haven’t had a game like that since my first year here, and it feels horrible. It starts right here. We’re obviously a long way from being a good team and the team we want to be.”

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Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • so west Coast

    how about instead of soul searching they search for some game.

  • bruinbiochem06

    This game was difficult to watch. We’ve really been spoiled with all the success that Howland has brought in the past few years. I hope we can get it together soon.

    Go Bruins!!!

  • GeeDee

    I don’t want 2 hear that Coach Howland you and recruiting does not match the diffrence between Coach Neu and Coach Howland recruiting is Coach Neu goes out and sell UCLA and basically make kids feel like they need 2 be the 1 to take us back 2 glory. Coach Howland does not recruit he sit back and see if UCLA sells it self this is not 1968 and Coach Howland is no John Wooden

  • AC

    Soul searching? How about we search for a pac-10 level point guard and some players who can make baskets.

    Defense may prevent you from losing coach, but it doesn’t win games. You’re not going to win with 47 points.

    This is Division one baby, friggin UCLA! You’ve now been punked by 2 unranked mid-majors in 4 games.

  • Anonymous


    You are a moron.

  • Ralph

    Where’s Bobo? Could the formerly top five ranked high school center in the nation help?

  • Jd

    If “you’re” going to insult someone learn how to use some grammar..

  • anon

    “Where’s Bobo? Could the formerly top five ranked high school center in the nation help?”

    According to Jon, Bobo is only good enough to sit at the end of the bench during games and occasionally makes it to the court during blow out. We saw Nelson and Lane came off the bench as Freshmen with significant minutes so obviously Bobo is only good enough to fill in players for practice purposes. He’s not even good enough to be role player…*bleah.

  • GeeDee

    2 everybody that don’t like what i am saying I can care less about you or what you think the fact is we UCLA is weak this year when we do good Howland get credit so why should he get a pass for recruiting players that would have a hard time getting PT at Sac St…and regarding the gramer thing i am a high school drop out and convicted felon but i did have some money 2 get a computer so i can say what i want i guest you think every UCLA fan has 2 have a degree from UCLA right the only thing i hate about most other UCLA fans is that you guys think you are better than other people for some reason the fact is we all breath the same air and we all bleed the same blood when God only start accepting people into Heaven that knows good gramer or that stay in good heighborhoods or that went 2 UCLA then i will do what i got 2 do until then fucc what you talking about..