UCLA reaches a milestone…

in that the 27-point loss to Portland is the worst loss of Ben Howland’s career.

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  • GeeDee

    I hope that happens a couple more times this year and at the end of the year i hope he losses his job…

  • Fan4Life

    Loss to St John’s in Howland’s first year much worse. The Storm stunk and UCLA stunk even worse.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t throw the coach under the bus yet. Can’t blame BH for lack of leadership and overall talent. There weren’t even any effort by any player to compensate for the lack of tangibles. Can’t rest on the brand name as there is no brand recognition anymore.

  • Anonymous

    you have a good coach but the players don’t fit the system

  • Stan

    These are the players that Howland wanted whether they fit the system or not. He wanted them and he’s got athletic players that can’t shoot or handle the ball at the college level. Looks like Coach does not want to change his offensive system to fit the players. This team can’t shoot, so maybe they should run and force turnovers, score on the break. They are not by any means a halfcourt team. No way, no how. Sure this program lost guys to the NBA, but so does unc, duke, kansas, mich.st., uconn, etc. every year, but those programs stay on top . This program is getting embarrassed and it can kill recruiting.

  • bigdbruin

    I have to comment when I see comments that are just plain stupid! Anonymous sd you can’t blame BH for lack of leadership and overall talent? THEN WHO DO YOU BLAME OTHER THAN THE PERSON THAT RECRUITED THESE MEDIOCRE PLAYERS, AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DEVELOPING LEADERS! Where are all of you who ran your mouth about how BH made Westbook, Affallo, etc into good defensive players and got them to the NBA! Please! As I’ve said in the past BH can’t recruit(name 1 recruit that we’ve gotten that you were suprised or shocked we got! HMMMM! NONE! BH can’t coach! The 2-3 Zone is not a new defense it’s been around forever and you can’t figure it out? God forbid you coached football and faced a team who ran the wildcat he would probably faint! The offensive has been unbearable to watch since he stepped foot on campus. If your not going to win championships at least entertain us! This is not the Ben Howland school of defensive basketball. Elite recruits don’t want to go to defensive camp for 1-4 yrs and attend BH’s defensive hell camp! Going to UCLA and playing good defense might get you to the NBA, but going to Kansas, Duke or NC and putting up 20 a game will also and looks to be way more exiciting. What would you choose, honestly? I hope BH reads this blog sometimes or if someone he knows could fwd this to him i would appreciate it. Want to prove me wrong? Then (1)figure out the zone, you should be averaging over 85 ppg with the competition you’ve faced thus far. (2) Recruit a top 5 prospect who didn’t want to go to UCLA since he was born, (ie K.LOVE.) we’ve played 3 subpar programs and they have all been more athletic than us? We are a top 5 progam aren’t we? (3) Stop with the Bobby Knight little leauge act and figure out how the teach and have a little fun at the same time, think of the player or players you might still have this yr that ran away!
    Untill then hope that you happen to come across some players like Affalo,Farmer,Westbrook and Mbamoute who hide your defeciencies as a coach. You should give every fan who attended last nites game a refund for putting them through the embarrasment of getting blown the F#$% out by PORTLAND? Maybe recruits who didn’t watch will think we played the Trailblazers in an exibition game! WAKE UP BH BEFORE THE FIRE BH WEBSITE IS CREATED.

  • Anonymous

    Re: “Can’t blame BH for lack of leadership and overall talent.”

    Really?? So he’s NOT the head coach? Because leadership and talent level are main areas of responsibility of the head coach.

  • Blue Bruin

    This is going to be a long year for UCLA but we have to keep in mind UCLA is literally starting from scratch. Some recruiting decisions and player departures from the past years are taking their toll. With the exception of Holiday, last year’s class and this years classes are made up of 4-year players. When these guys mature as a group, UCLA will again be among the elites. Additionally, Howland has brought in big classes, so there shouldn’t be many holes. For example, the 2007 recruiting class of Kevin Love and Chase Stanback is completely gone. Therefore, we have no experienced juniors. The 2006 class had only 3 recruits (Keefe, Dragovic, and Westbrook). Westbrook is gone, and Keefe is pretty useless, and who knows if Dragovic will ever get his head out of the sand. Part of the reason for the small classes is that Howland had big groups come in his first few years. Now we’re at a point where he can bring in 4-5 guys per year and have some consistency.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. What fantasy land to some of you live in? I understand it is difficult to deal with the current state of our basketball program. But to let loose on Howland? He took us to 3 straight Final Fours. How many players have left early to be taken in the first round in the last 4 years? Time to be realistic people. We’ve been gutted by the system and unfortunately have to rebuild this year.

  • Todd

    Thank you bigdbruin for essentially taking the words right out of my mouth. I’m sure we’ll hear from all the Dorrell-esque apologists who will support Howland to no end. “Well he did take us to 3 straight Final Fours”. So what. They were blown to bits in two games vs Florida and the loss to Memphis against bigger and better players.

    Howland’s in-game adjustments, use of the clock, and time-out strategy consistently perplexes me. The atmosphere at Pauley is like a morgue. I certainly hope no top recruits are attending these early season games at Pauley…unless they enjoy playing in front of near silence.

    Howland’s dull, deliberate style of basketball is the antithesis of the SoCal ‘Showtime’ attitude. Fans want to be entertained, not lulled to sleep. This stubborn man is going to run the program into the ground unless he takes a look at himself and makes the necessary changes.

    I’ve been a season ticket holder for 10+ years but if the athletic dept. expects me to shell out 5-10 times more to watch such an uninspiring brand of basketball in a ‘new’ Pauley, they can forget it.

  • Makes Me Sick

    Anon @ 10:47…

    “He took us to 3 straight final fours”

    I’m sure you’re the same guy who wrote in defense of Dorrell, “Our guys are going to class and staying out of trouble’. Why don’t you go root for a program where banners are hung for Final Four appearances.
    I’m sure you hope that the Bruins will play hard and keep the score close tomorrow at the Coliseum, right?

    And by the way, what’s with all the WE and US stuff? Unless your name is Aboya, Mbah-Moute, or Collison, I’m pretty sure that Howland didn’t take YOU to any Final Fours.

  • biddbruin

    RE:Wow. What fantasy land to some of you live in?

    What fantasy land are you referring to? That we are an elite level D1 program that should be able to compete even in a rebuilding year with CSUF and Portland St? I think that it is you who live in a fantasy land! Having a down year and rebuilding should not include embarrasing losses to programs such as CSUF and Portland St. No disrespect to those schools but I could get 10 of my friends and play Portland state tomorrow and get beat by 27! I am not quick to dismiss BH but a change in is philosphy is what is needed! I don’t care how many recruits left the program in 06 and 07, I hope he knew they were leaving didn’t you? We all knew that Love was one and done, we all knew Holliday had a good chance of being one and done, we knew Stanback was leaving (another issue), we all knew Dragovic, Keefe and Roll were role players at best. You guys continue to make excuses for BH! I’m holding him accountable just like I would anyone else! Loosing in 3 Final Four trips does not buy you a pass!

  • Anonymous

    These are the same people who had the sky is falling attitude when the football team was in a 5 game losing streak. Suddenly all are aboard the band wagon once again.

  • bigdbruin

    Re: These are the same people who had the sky is falling attitude when the football team was in a 5 game losing streak. Suddenly all are aboard the band wagon once again

    Who are you anonymouns? BH himself?

    As far as the Football team is concerned I am pretty sure all of our losses were to PAC 10 TEAMS! I don’t recall any losses to teams at the bottom of non BCS conferences. There is a reason they are NON BCS conferences, and yes there is a difference! If we had lost to Minnesota by 27 then that would be unbearable, but to loose on National TV to Portland St. in that fashion is totaly unacceptable. Quit making excuses they don’t make sense!!!!! This is BIG TIME, BIG BOY basketball not the church leauge! BH gets paid too much money to put this bad of a product on the court. I don’t know what you do for a living but if you go to a meeting and embarras your employer like BH has this year I gurantee you’d be updating your resume!!!!

    Anyone else who has an opinion, Please step up!!!!! But please do your homework first!

  • la-ukla

    Bigdbruin, thanks for a good laugh this AM after a depressing Thurs night watching what was supposed to be the UCLA men’s basketball team get slaughtered. Howland fainting…Portland Trailblazers…LOL. You said everything I’m thinking. What’s it gonna take for Howland to recruit some of the names that will keep UCLA in the running year after year? Maybe he should go talk to Calipari, Self, and Williams? As much as I can’t stand those guys, they’re obviously doing something right ’cause they stockpile the talent year after year. I’m also tired of the “we lost 6 players in the last 4 years to the 1st round of the NBA”–so what? “We’ve been to 3 straight Final 4s”–and lost big 3 straigh times! I’m starting to wonder how much of a role Howland actually had in developing guys like Westbrook, Mbah a Moute, Afflalo, etc., ’cause he hasn’t done squat for Drago, Keefe, and Roll. I guess for every Westbrook success there’s a Jerime Anderson disappointment.