From Steven Rosenberg, Podcast Guru

Hey everybody, this is Steven Rosenberg from the L.A. Daily News. I’m working on the “back end” of the Inside UCLA Podcast with Jon and Ben, and right now I’m waiting on word that the podcast will be OFFICIALLY available through iTunes.

Right now you can access the Feedburner feed through iTunes, but I recommend that you all wait until we have “actual” iTunes availability because iTunes won’t rank the podcast until it is actually in the Podcast section of the iTunes Store.

Just as an FYI, you can use the iTunes software to access any podcast that has an RSS feed (and we do have that at, which you can use for the dozens/hundreds of other podcast-catching/listening applications out there).

But for those who do use iTunes on their Mac or Windows computers, we will have that official presence in iTunes very, very soon (I hope today, but it is a holiday weekend, so I’m not exactly holding my breath). And once we get the word from iTunes, I will add that link to the post announcing the first podcast as well as to the left-hand column of the podcast’s blog (

That entry — and all subsequent entries announcing the latest podcast — will always appear in the main UCLA blog ( as well. All I’m really trying to say is that you can use iTunes with the Feedburner feed, but it’s better all around to use it with the soon-to-be-available iTunes feed.

I’ll have a link that you can click that will automatically open up the podcast in iTunes, at which point you can subscribe to it.

Thank you everybody for your patience. If you have any technical problems with the podcast blog, feeds or audio files, please contact me at

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  • UCLA ’64

    Thank for the info, Steven. I appreciate it. Thanks for your efforts.

  • Johnny Angel

    Hi Steven,

    Don’t know if the schedule allows it but it would be nice if you edited the sound files so that John and Ben’s comments (and various interviews) are at or near the same volume.

    Thank you to everyone at Daily News participating in this stuff!

  • The Inside UCLA Podcast should now be available via the iTunes Store.

    Check the podcast blog — — for the link that will lead iTunes users to where they can subscribe to the podcast feed.

    Regarding volume issues, we hope to do much better with the next podcast as far as production goes.