Happiness to glean from a loss?

Not according to Jerime Anderson, who tied the game against Butler with a 3-pointer with eight seconds left.
“We don’t’ take moral victories out of losses,” Anderson said. “We lost tonight. The better team won. We played hard, a lot harder than we did last night.”

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Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • Anonymous

    We need to save a timeout in games like this. It wouldve been huge to set our defense and calm our guys down. Of course Howland never saves any. It wouldve been a huge resume win. Butler and a Clemson. Now I hope they don’t have a let down against LB State after a game like this. Could set a real bad tone for the remainder of the season. Monumental lost in terms of the direction this team heads all thanks to too many burned timeouts too early in the game.

  • OG

    to Anonymous (10:58am),

    While I don’t disagree about the timeouts in general, that simply was not the case in this game. The play by play (http://espn.go.com/ncb/playbyplay?gameId=293310026) clearly shows that only 1 TO was used in the first half and we had 3 timeouts left in the last 1 minute of the game. Lack of timeouts late in the game was NOT an issue last night.

  • bruinwonder

    guess what they still lost

  • Mike

    No Jeremy, “the better team” did not win last night. When you wear UCLA on your chest you need to have the attitude that NO TEAM is better. A loss happens from failure to execute. We lost to a lesser team.

  • Jeremy

    Jill, Good to have you back on the beat. Appreciate the quality, thoughtful writing mixed here.

  • so west Coast

    the only time ucla had any sense of urgency in scoring was the final minute. “ucla runs its offense set, but they don’t seem like they are trying to score.”

    other than his only 2 shots of the night, jerime anderson did nothing. “having jerime on the court is like playing 4 on 5”

    these are quotes from the commentators, and unfortunately i have to agree.

    ucla showed some flashes of potential, but still way too mediocre for ucla basketball.

    i’m gonna say that the veterans need to step up on offense and defense. Roll committed a lot of crucial fouls that cost us.

    Lastly, what happened to boxing out for rebounds? We outsized them, yet butler got way too many offensive rebounds.

  • Anonymous

    Jerime should transfer. he’s so bad.

  • MaverickBruin

    I advocate Howland getting rid of Lee, Anderson, and maybe Gordon in a post-season housecleaning.

    Read the details at:

    We’re Putting The Banned Back Together