Quotables: Odds and Ends

Alterraun Verner on UCLA keeping its eyes on USC throughout the year:
“Being in the Pac-10, we’re keeping track of every team. We know how things have to fall in to place week in and week out. You definitely notice that a USC is struggling a little bit.”

Reggie Carter on the 2006 win:
“Winning every game means a lot to me. Just because of that one, I love to prove people wrong. To see the look on Pete Carroll’s face after the game. That offense scores a lot of points and to hold them to one touchdown and a safety was amazing.”

Reggie Carter on his dislike of USC:
“I joined the UCLA family. If your family doesn’t like somebody, you’re going to jump in and not like them too. As soon as they threw me in the game I was ready to throw punches and fight. I don’t hate anyone. I was raised better than that. But I told them early this week, I want to beat them up.”

Rick Neuheisel on what the win would mean for UCLA:
“It would be a huge momentum boost, but I think momentum’s in the right direction anyway. We’re a program that’s moving in the right direction. Were improved from a year ago, we hope to improve next year. This certainly would be a signal that it’s going faster than expected. I’m not going to let the outcome of this game to derail recruiting one way or another.”

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