Quotables: Terrence Austin

On the 13-9 win over USC in 2006:
“We were pretty much down in the slums that year, too, the same way we are now. We were underdogs, and I took from that game that everything is possible. We have things we can work with. ‘We can with this game.’ I think if we put everything all in now, we can do it. I want to tell all the guys about what I did that week.”

On what it will take for a win:
“We definitely have to be on point on all sides of the ball. USC has athletes all over the place. You can’t go in and think they’re going to roll over. It’s going to take a tremendous amount of concentration and we’re going to have to go out there and attack. We have to be almost perfect.”

On winning three straight games in three different ways:
“We have to look at these last three games and those first three games and try to gather all of that and put into one. At times we were executing, at times we weren’t. At times we were slacking, at times we weren’t. We have to pay attention to come together as a team to limit the mistakes that we make.”

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