Roll on the foul

Here’s what Michael Roll said on his foul on Gordon Hayward with .6 seconds left. The game was tied at 67, but Hayward made both free throws to win the game for Butler.
“The ref said I held his arm,” Roll said. “I haven’t seen the film, so I’m not sure.”

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  • hogsman

    The replay showed that Roll clearly fouled him. Roll just plain got beat off the dribble/spin. I hate to be negative, but he didn’t contribute much at all, missing a lot of shots (including free throws) and getting beat on defense. He really hasn’t improved much since his freshman year. Maybe he can turn it around as the season progresses, but his lack of athleticism is hurting the team.

  • Still Faithful

    I think Roll did get beat on the last play but saying “he didn’t contribute much at all” I have to disagree with. Roll hasn’t been shooting great recently but has made up for it in many ways. He has been feeding the post better than anyone else and probably leads the team in assists right now. I know its hard to believe but without him the team would be in worse shape than it is rigtht now.

    Lee has been playing hard but still needs to mature and be under control more. Anderson had a better game scoring wise, had a few good strips but still had way too many bone head passes and probably has a 4 to 1 ration in turnovers vs true assists.

    The young bigs are getting better every game, so that is a bright spot.

    I really can’t wait for Honeycutt to recover so we can see if he is for real or not.

  • The Blur

    Roll got beat badly – as he and Nikola do quite often. It would have been nice to have a 6’10” center in there to help out, but Bobo is stuck on the bench.

    Jerime Anderson had a couple nice baskets at the end, but right now his biggest talent is making every pass an adventure.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, Roll fouled him. Plain and simple. If it was questionable, I think it would have been that scenario in which the refs opt to make the no-call in the last second of the game. But it was blatant and obvious. šŸ™

    I think we need to all temper our expectations for Tyler Honeycutt to start the season. For starters, he’s had less than zero practice with the team, and we’ve seen what that’s done (JA). Also, coming off any extended injury, it’s going to take a while to get back into a rhythm (in this case, develop a first rhythm with UCLA). Finally, TH looks like he weighs 150lbs at 6’9. I’m worried that despite his freakish athleticism, he risks getting broken in half like a twig. He needs to gain AT LEAST 25lbs to make himself more durable. To be brutally honest, I can’t see him coming in and contributing right away. We’ll need him by the end of the season, but I’d say it’ll be 3-4 weeks AFTER he returns from injury until he can make any difference.