What means more: USC win or Bowl win?

Here’s your chance, guys, to lay it all out there.
A win over USC would be great for the morale of the fans, for those who put much stock in the rivalry.
A bowl win – caveat: UCLA needs to reach a bowl first – means more for the recruiting game and for the overall momentum of the program.
So it’s on you now.
Do you want a short-term fix, a fix that will last the year in terms of trash talk, but might not sway many recruits.
Or a long-term victory, a win that could pay huge dividends in 2013 and beyond…

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  • Drake

    I think a win over USC would be just as important, or more important, for recruiting then a win in New Mexico or Idaho in a month

  • Billy

    Who is to say that a bowl win will help the program more long term than a win over sc?

    And everyone should want both, it’s an easy answer, and should not be included in the poll

  • Ri-L

    Sorry Jon, you’ve set up a false dichotomy. Did you read the Times today? Winning the cross town rivalry is extremely important to recruiting, and long term it’s supremely important. Kids who grew up in the 90’s love UCLA for their dominance, now kids who have reached their teen years in the 2000’s are USC fans.

    Your idea that a minor bowl win is more important than a win over SC is simply wrong. While a bowl win is important, the UCLA/USC game has much more cachet than some “Poulan Weedeater Bowl.”

    While I enjoy your youthful exuberance, your lack of knowledge of the history and significance of this game is showing here.

    Oh, BTW – if you were Jill and posted this, you’d have been skewered into submission for this. But, I guess being a guy has its advantages.

  • Dean

    Both shouldn’t be an option

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    For a Trojan, the #1 game of the year is USC v. Notre Dame.

    Playing Notre Dame is where players like Anthony Davis and Ricky Bell became Trojan Legends, it’s where Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart won their Heisman Trophies.

    USC v. UCLA is for a year’s worth of bar bragging rights.
    USC v. Notre Dame is for immortality.