Shouldering the burden

It would be easy to blame Kevin Prince and Kevin Craft for UCLA’s offensive inadequacies as this game winds down, but the offensive line has been downright porous.
On the last play, a crucial 3rd-and-1 with 9:45 left, UCLA managed…a three-yard loss by Chane Moline in which the line just got crushed.

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  • TruBruin

    Oh, lets not forget Nelson”hands of stone” Rosario . For Gods sakes, catch the damn ball!!!!Please no more comparisons to JJ Stokes!!!

  • Don Lon

    The O-Line looked fine!! Of course their will be plays that USC guys get through they are NFL level talent. If you take 6 seconds to throw the ball you’re gonna get hit. This loss is on the UCLA coaching staff. Period!! No Knox, Carroll, or Thigpen. We recruit speed, we’d just rather not use it.

  • Johnny Angel

    The line does need to improve but its obvious Prince is not the qb of the future. Chow needs to re-evaluate his decision.

  • Sid

    There’s more to the game than speed. Ask the Oakland Raiders.

    Here’s a bit of Running Back 101 for everyone who criticizes personnel decisions:

    To be a successful running back, there’s a LOT more that goes into it than just being fast. You need to be proficient in 3 areas:

    1. Running effectively: You have to be able to run hard, protect the ball, and hit the correct hole.

    2. Pass protect: This means knowing blocking assignments, reading defenses, and being able to throw a decent block on a guy twice your size.

    3. Catch out of the backfield: This means knowing your option and check-down routes, reading defenses, and having the hands and athleticism to make the catch and turn it up field.

    If you can’t do at LEAST 2 of these WELL, you are a one-dimensional running back…and the defense KNOWS what kind of play is coming whenever you are on the field.

    For example: if you can’t pass block for shit and you’re not a threat coming out of the backfield as a receiver, the defense knows a running play is coming whenever you’re in the game, and your speed will be useless.

    It’s all about keeping the defense guessing.

    I know this, and I’m a nobody, so I’m sure the coaches know this. They also see these players every single day, so they know what they are capable of. I would assume Knox, Thigpen, etc. were not in the game plan because they are lacking in one or more of the above areas. (For young guys like them, it is usually pass-protection and receiving that takes them the longest to learn)

    Chane Moline plays so much because he is the MOST BALANCED running back UCLA has. When he is on the field, UCLA can open up the playbook more because he can do so many different things.

  • Anonymous

    I am livid about the SC taunting. Classless program. Why jump up and down hooting and hollering at the end of the game except to rub it in? I can see why Harbaugh tried to run up the score on SC.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if we’re playing the ’85 Bears … after a season’s worth of games we damn sure ought to be able to bring more to the table offensively than that. Pitiful. Keep your bowl invitation. No need to stink up another game.

  • Don Lon

    I know what you’re saying Johnny, but comparing the NFL to college is ridiculous! The two aren’t comparable because EVERYONE in the NFL is fast so it’s a scratch. HOWEVER in college, speed kills and teams that got it win (Florida, Texas, LSU, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma) and teams that don’t lose. I don’t just mean speed at the RB position but receiver, and defense as well. Yes there are things like route running, ball handling, and all that but when you’re in a game as big as this one you really need to reach in and throw the kitchen sink at USC. Unfortunately we didn’t and we lost. Had we been winning and playing ball control then sure play Chane all day long. But when you’re down 14-0, you got to open it up and use your raw talent. It was not time to run the clock and inch out first downs. It’s time to run play action deep post, or deep outs, or deep ANYTHING!!

  • pr

    Sheldon Price is horrible! I counted 6 first downs on passes thrown to the man he was covering.

  • Anonymous

    Blame Neuheisel, he’s the head coach.

  • Coach Thom

    Yep. Coach Rick is starting to look like ‘yesterdays hero’ trying to apply yesterday’s philosophy and coaching techniques to the modern game. He’s a great talker but he can’t walk the talk.What happened to the Knox ‘Wildcat’ experiment? Rick and Coach Norm are so damn predictable even Blind Freddy can see where the play is going. And why hasn’t Norm schooled his QBs on NOT eye-balling his intended receiver before releasing the ball? This offense lacks communication and coordination in all areas. In a word, it is hopeless.

  • j_doe

    I agree with the original post. O line was getting worked over last night. No holes being created, and no time for a receiver to get more than 15 yards downfield before the pocket collapsed. Also, as pointed out here, Rosario dropped several. Execution just wasn’t there.

  • Anonymous

    The Bruin defense played hard for 3 1/2 quarters. They only let up at the end of the game when it didn’t matter anymore. How frustrating must it be for them seeing their offense be so ineffective.Five turnovers, c’mon. I hope Brian Price stays for his senior year. I did see improvement over the year. I think we have a lot to look forward too.

  • Our coaching staff is very, very conservative to offensive calls and that leaves the offense to 3 and 7 situations more than necessary. We recruit these kids and then dare to use them to their ability.

  • Anonymous

    “The Bruin defense played hard for 3 1/2 quarters.”

    That’s why Neuheisel has to go. He let his players give up.

  • slick neu-weasel

    weed eater bowl?

  • doug4ucla

    Remember if you don’t have speed your chasing it…USC had more team speed than UCLA, sorry to say, but true.