USC 28, UCLA 7

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel caught a bit of deja vu after the Bruins’ 28-7 loss to USC tonight.
Neuheisel saw tremendous similarities between the team’s 23-13 win over Arizona State last week and the loss, from both sides.
Like last week, an early quick-pick-six changed the complexion of the game, as USC’s offense was able to play a bit more conservatively against the reeling Bruins.
UCLA held strong, though, at least defensively.
The Bruin offense was pummeled often by the Trojans, who caught ground on UCLA at the line of scrimmage and used tremendous team speed to gang tackle.
UCLA managed just 322 yards for the game, and the running game was downright porous in the first half.
The bright side: The Bruins defense played valiantly, stopping drives short and dropping the Trojans for eight tackles for loss.

  • BobDaBruin

    There was a time when I respected Pete Carroll and the program he put together at suc. Not anymore after what he just pulled. With all of our young players who will remember that – they lose…..

  • Encinitas Bruin

    I was fired up and lettin’ lose with the expletives after that bomb. However, after taking the dogs for a walk to cool off, I realized that once UCLA called a time out, it basically signalled “game still on” to the SC coaching staff. So, you could argue their right to call something other than a Victory play. But why not just call a running play? But more revealing, once again USC revealed it’s no-class attitude with the 4th-grade taunting after the touchdown. I’m glad there wasn’t a fight, but I’m also glad that the Bruins were fired up enough to come out on the field. Now they just have to put that fire onto the turf during the actual game.

    Stay cool, Bruin fans. We are improving, and USC is losing ground. Just look at the Southland recruiting war: We are winning it. Last year we out-recruited the Trojans in the Southland, and our class is quickly rising in the ranks this year as well.

  • Anonymous

    Neuheisel’s timeout was embarrassing.

  • g2ucla


  • Dean

    Why was it embarrassing, Trojan? USC didn’t call any timeouts in losses to Oregon or Stanford this year? Any team would call a timeout in that situation. If the game was decided, then they should have just taken a knee? What about the timeout USC should have forfeited at the beginning of the game? What is embarrassing is reacting so childishly after taking a knee on the previous play. What is embarrassing is all the Raider burnouts that call themselves USC fans now. What is embarrassing is the hypocrisy of Pete Carroll pouting so much after Stanford’s failed 2-pt conversion.

  • Bruin Zealot

    Nothing wrong with that last TD. When CRN called the timeout, it did signal that we were still playing and not conceding the game. Shame on our defense for not covering that play and letting the WR get wide open. That’s what you want, for them to throw so we can make a play on defense – sack the QB, intercept, etc. I just wish that our whole team would have showed that emotion after the play earlier in the game. We had a chance in this game and just didn’t make plays on offense. Is Rosario the second coming of Brian Poli-Dixon?

  • Anonymous

    UCLA took the timeout believing they were still in the game (hoping to get the ball back after two more timeouts), therefore, USC played like UCLA was still in the game.

    Why would USC simply run the ball and let UCLA keep calling timeouts and get the ball back?

    If Neu thought the game was over, he should have just let USC run out the clock like they tried to do.

    Go ahead and take a look at what the biggest UCLA homer had to say about it: sp-plaschke29-2009nov29,0,2051388,full.column

  • Dean

    Plashke is a ucla homer? Then read the biggest USC homer’s comments on page 2.

    The digusting part is the hypocrisy of this play compares to harbough’s 2 weeks ago. Then even more so the hooting and hollering and usual childish comment from the head coach.

    You guys act as though you’ve never watched a football game in which the losing team has the ball at the end of a game. I’ve seen those timeouts taken 100 times at least, but never have I seen anyone react so childishly. They risked injury too, even acknowledging Barkley could get sacked.

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t the Trojans just hand the ball over on a velvet pillow so we could run a play and score? Sniffle…sniffle.

    Slick started the battle of impulsive pettiness and lost. Deal with it.

  • Matt A

    If you need more proof of how classless Pete is, I heard this story from a Utah fan who runs the parabolic mic for the local radio and who has no reason to have bias in our rivalry (sorry if I’ve told this before).

    In Pete’s first year, sc lost to Utah 10-6 in the Las Vegas bowl. After the game, the parabolic mic guy ran out onto the field, trying to get audio of the handshake. As McBride (coach of Utah at the time) ran out on the field, Pete started to turn toward the locker room, despite the shouting of “Coach Carroll, good game” by Coach McBride.

    The parabolic mic followed Pete as he ran, and he gave the comment “class move” to Pete as they ran, to which Pete turned to him and said “F— You.” and continued to run away from the handshake.

    He’s no class, he SHOULD be on probation for the shady things that go one there, HE ruined an otherwise strong win by his players, and I am confident that the tide is turning. He will be exposed eventually just like he was with the Patriots.

  • Anonymous

    Pete showed disrespect by taking a knee. Go away you bums give up. You Go Rick never die. Next time make sure the defence is ready for anything.

  • doug4ucla

    I will say one thing for PETE he is getting his kids ready for the cutthroat NFL. Anybody remember Philly and Dallas years back?…should expect the best from SC. “what goes around, comes around”

  • spedjones

    Forget the last 2 minutes. This is a game UCLA could have won. Any offense at all in the first half and the game was ours. So frustrating…

  • tim warren

    I wasn’t surprised by PC throwing the bomb with less than a minute to go because that is so “him” (other examples are storming out of Sanchez’s conference, complaining about Harbaugh doing a “PC” on him, etc).

    What did surprise me was the Jekyll-and-Hyde approach of immediately following the “sportsmanlike-take-a-knee-play” with his obvious relishing in throwing the bomb after RN had the sheer audacity to call a time out. PC’s over-the-top joy in delivering the “gotcha” directly led to the Trojan players engaging in the taunting which then directly led to the Bruin players coming 3/4 of the way across the field.

    It’s amazing a fight didn’t break out. It has happened at other games over the years under similar circumstances.

    Re Plaschke, he reminded me of why I cancelled the LA Times ten years ago. Plaschke decided he somehow had to stand out from all other media types, so he therefore had to severely criticize RN for calling the timeout and severely praise PC for throwing the bomb.

  • reallybruin

    Carroll just added dirty, unsportsmanlike coaching/strategy now. it’s only going to get uglier for both teams now.
    Remember Georgia-Florida? USC will get theirs like Georgia got theirs.

  • Encinitas Bruin

    An interesting take on the Bowl pic over at ESPN:

    Go Badgers over Hawaii.

    Our best shots are the GMAC Bowl and the Humanitarian Bowl.

    I want that 7th win, and a winning season.

  • Charlie Bucket

    Dan Guerrero should block a bowl bid. a team with this much talent, that cannot score a TD, does not belong in a bowl game. something is not right.

    between Neu-hassle and Chow (maybe it’s time for him to go) they need to try a different approach. the QB’s seem way too tentative…is it because Neu-Hassle screams in their face on Natl TV every time they screw up? i am not getting paid millions to figure this out, but they are and until they do i don’t think a bowl game is appropriate. not fair to the seniors? that’s life, and they are going to have to deal with the real world now, not this never-never land they are in now.

  • Bruin Rick

    You guys are such a bunch of sissies. Anyone who complains about an opponent running the score up is a grade-A loser. CRN acted like a brat by calling the TO and got spanked like one.

    Its up to the players and coaches to not let this stuff happen.

    I don’t like Plaschke but he hit the nail on the head with this one.

    BTW I don’t think Chetey Petey ever complained about Harbaugh’s tactics – that was a media creation. Much like CRN isn’t complaining now.

  • SpartyNix

    The gap has not closed, at least not in one respect. Bruin fans still have Little Brother Syndrome. Big brother beat up UCLA and when he let up UCLA took a shot at him. So big brother responded by pounding UCLA into submission. Now UCLA fans are all crying to Mommy. Whaaaaaa!

    You guys are embarrassing. Grow a pair.

  • Jet

    Neuheisel is an absolute joke. He is not ready for any war.

  • NorCal Bruin

    I personally don’t have a problem with the time out, or the call for the deep throw. UCLA had three timeout left, and would have forced USC to punt with almost 40 seconds left (not 2 seconds). While a long shot, it certainly was not out of the question to get a runback or block, followed by a successful onside kick with a last second chance to tie. If UCLA is still playing, no reason why USC shouldn’t keep playing. What was classless (and typical) was the taunting.