A pretty clear bowl picture

Here are the remaining bowl-eligible teams without current tie-ins:
1. Middle Tennessee State (9-3), Second in Sun Belt
2. Northern Illinois (7-5), Second in the MAC West
3. Bowling Green (7-5), Third in the MAC West
4. Idaho (7-5), Fourth in WAC
5. SMU (7-5), second in Conference USA West
6. UConn (6-5, plays South Florida next week). Sixth in Big East
7. UCLA (6-6), Seventh in Pac-10
8. Notre Dame (6-6), at-large
9. Hawaii (6-6, plays Wisconsin next week). Fifth in WAC. If Hawaii beats Wisconsin, then Fresno moves into the at-large picture.
10. Marshall (6-6), fourth in Conference USA East
11. Louisiana-Monroe (6-6), Third in Sun Belt
12. Louisiana-Lafayette (6-6), Fifth in Sun Belt

And here are the likely five bowl slots:
1) EagleBank in Washington D.C. – 2 spots (ACC didn’t qualify and Army needs to beat Navy, which is probably not going to happen)
2) GMAC in Mobile, Ala. (ACC didn’t qualify).
3) Humanitarian (TCU likely in BCS and MWC didn’t qualify a sixth team).
4) Little Caesars Pizza (Iowa likely in BCS and Big Ten didn’t qualify another 6-6 team).

In other words, UCLA needs a lot of help…

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  • lavsmousse

    Shouldn’t Notre Dame also be listed as being bowl eligible without a bowl tie in?

  • TruBruin

    How about creating another Bowl? Why not the
    Andy Gump “Crappy Offense” Bowl. They could put in Fresno
    and we could have a rematch with $UC

    BTW mousse, Notre Dame has a bowl tie in for a .500 record or better every year

  • Mike H class of 90

    I thought all 7-5 teams had to be taken before 6-6 teams could be considered?

  • Sid

    I like our chances, actually. Of the 6-win teams, I think UCLA has the best shot of getting selected because of the big LA tv market.

    UCLA is by far the biggest name on that list, and the bowl system, after all, is about making money.

  • If Washington loses to Cal, wouldn’t we be in 6th place in the Pac-10, and hence have a tie-in to the Poinsettia Bowl?

  • lavsmousse

    Per Biggins, Tony Jefferson officially decommitted from UCLA today, while on his official USC visit.

  • Dex

    @ Dan – We’d be 7th.

  • Anonymous

    where is today’s basketball game coverage??

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the breakdown Jon.


    Jerry Palm has UCLA going to the Humanatarian Bowl…with a possible chance at the GMAC bowl, because they want Notre Dame, but ND may decline if they fire weis. According to Palm, there’s also a chance that if Oregon State beats Oregon, Oregon might still get a BCS bid, perhaps the Fiesta, so that might bump everyone else up.

  • barrya

    Jon, the New Mexico Bowl has tie-ins with both the WAC and MWC. If TCU gets a BCS bid, does not the same situation then apply to the NM Bowl as the Humanitarian Bowl? The MWC only has five qualified teams – Wyoming being the fifth. I believe Humanitarian Bowl gets to select before the NM Bowl and thus they might be forced into taking the remaining qualified MWC team, no? Leaving the NM Bowl with an open space? Both those two were sending representatives to watch Ucla @ Sc I believe, so wouldn’t the New Mexico Bowl still be a possibility along with the Humanitarian? Or where am i wrong about this?

  • RaulAzul

    Jon, I think your count is wrong.

    Connecticut is not an at-large team, since the Big East has six bowl tie-ins.

    Southern Methodist is also not at-large, since C-USA has five bowl tie-ins.

    Idaho is probably not an at-large either. Boise State will likely get a BCS at-large pick, moving all of the WAC teams up one spot.

    On the other side, Marshall will fill Army’s spot in the EagleBank should they lose, since C-USA has a contingency contract for that scenario.

    By my count, that leaves FOUR open bowl slots, with these teams looking to fill them:

    1. Middle Tennessee
    2. Northern Illinois
    3. Bowling Green
    4. Notre Dame
    5. UCLA

    We don’t need a “lot” of help, then. We just need Hawaii to lose, and Notre Dame to turn down an invite because of the coaching turn-over.

  • Coach Thom

    Thanks for your efforts, Jon. Good to see that we might still be in the running for a bowl game. Our players and coaches sure need it.

  • Blue Bruin


    On the bright side, Women’s Soccer took revenge on Portland to advance in their tournament.

    Men’s Waterpolo won it’s conference tournament and now advances to the NCAA tournament.

    Women’s volleyball made the NCAA tournament and will face Long Beach on Friday…more revenge!!

    Did I miss anything else? Should I just take over this blog?

  • anon

    We can’t even win a game at 76 Classic tournament. All the losses are against mid-major teams. It’s going to be ugly by the time we enter Pac-10. This team may even tie Oregon State’s record for not winning a single game in the Pac-10 (2007-08 season).

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Blue Bruin

    Could you please provide a preseason analysis of the all important womens softball team. A rithymic gymnastics update would also be greatly appreciated. The sooner we drop football the better for our sanity. Lets al fight over whether or not we will get invited to another loser bowl game. sucks to be a bruin football fan again

  • barrya


    Too quick to guess that Boise State gets an at-large BVS bid. Don’t the six BCS conferences each send their champion? That’s six of eight plus the NC game. The loser of Alabama-Florida seems about certain to get one. Usually there is just one at-large BCS bid given out; let’s say this year there will be two. But TCU is almost certain to get one and undefeated Cincinnati i suspect will get the other ahead of Boise State. Is that not what most have been saying?


    There are 10 slots:
    Ohio State
    Oregon/Oregon State
    Alabama/Florida 2 (winner bcs title, loser sugar)
    Texas/TCU 2 (bcs title/fiesta
    Clemson/Geo. Tech
    Iowa/Penn State – at large
    Boise State – at large

    Some are saying that if Oregon loses, they would drop into the at-large pool and might be picked over say Boise state, but it’s very slim

  • cv

    UCLA is a big TV draw? You have got to be joking.

  • Sal

    Tony Jefferson did not de-commit from UCLA. The UCLA players de-commited him and sent him on his way. Good job guys. I hope you guys flipped the finger at him.

  • RaulAzul

    barrya: ESPN and CBS are both projecting Boise State to the Fiesta (in place of a second Big 12 team), and actually have been for several weeks.

    Boise State going to the BCS would take Idaho off the list. If the Fiesta chooses someone else, then that would leave Idaho, but open up an additional bowl.

    So it’s six of one, half-a-dozen of another. We’re still looking at four slot with UCLA essentially in fifth.

    Beavs in the Rose Bowl and Oregon a Fiesta invite is an interesting possibility.

  • cv

    How many bowls are actually interested in UCLA? Maybe two?

  • cv

    News is that the ND team will vote today on going to a bowl or not.

  • cv

    News is that the ND team will vote today on going to a bowl or not.

  • Anonymous

    So does this all mean that the Bruins will have to wait until December 12 to find out if they get into a bowl? And can the Bruins go as an at-large if there are still teams with winning records not going to a bowl?