My take on the last minute of the game

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t mean to imply that those who didn’t play football can’t judge how the end of the UCLA-USC played out, I just have a certain perspective as a former football player.
Both coaches were correct.

His team down 14 with 52 seconds left and three timeouts left, Rick Neuheisel reasoned that with two more plays came two more chances for USC to fumble the ball. Was there probably a twinge of gamesmanship in the decision, a half-hearted jab at Carroll? Probably.
But once Neuheisel made his call, Carroll followed with the correct call himself.

If a coach calls a timeout, it means game on.
Carroll certainly had a bit of bitterness toward the timeout, but he made the right call. He tried to score when he knew the game was still in doubt, at least in the Bruins’ minds.

Now, the “skirmish” escalated not after the touchdown, but after USC’s blatant taunting on the sidelines. Did things get out of hand? A bit. I love the passion and the pride that the players have in their teams.

Where does that leave us? I think this rivalry just stepped up a notch. That 28-7 score is deceiving: USC realized that UCLA has caught up a little bit. Really, the Trojans had one sustained drive and benefitted from mistakes by some of UCLA’s youngest players.

All I know is both coaches were right and this is going to be fun.

  • The Blur

    Right on, Jon. Every word here is exactly right.


  • bruinova

    But what I think was the mistake was Pete Carroll taking a knee on first down. He knew UCLA had 3 timeouts and you’d think any opposing coach would exhaust them with time left to play. If RN didn’t take that timeout, there would be people arguing that he laid down and didn’t compete for 60 minutes.

    Most coaches in PC’s shoes would run the ball on first down and force UCLA to exhaust their timeouts. Then, if they get a first down, game over and take a knee.

    But with almost a minute left there could have been a fumble or maybe if UCLA stops them there could be 40 seconds and maybe a blocked punt for a TD. Very unlikely, but possible. Then an onside kick. Again, very unlikely but possible.

    I think it was a bad football decision to take a knee on first down. That’s the down that doesn’t make sense.

  • VB

    I understand what you are saying, but calling a timeout does not in any way merit a 50 yard BOMB to rub our noses in the dirt. If Pete was really trying to ice the game, he could have had Barkely throw a 10 or 15 yarder to gain the first down and run the clock.


  • VB


  • VB


  • LAPDBruin’84

    After cooling down and talking to a bunch of friends after the game last night, I have a renewed perspective for what happened last night. Jon you hit it on the head of the nail…both coaches are competitors…Wouldn’t want it any other way. However, that being said, the one thing that bothered me was Carroll’s behavior after the score and how it incited his players causing our team to react the way it did. That was inexcusable. Carroll is a disgrace to college sports. I hope high school recruits take note of this.

  • LAPDBruin’84


  • LAPDBruin’84


  • Johnny Utah

    Good take Jon – appreciate the insight.

    I watched the game with many SC fans, and even they were pretty open in accepting the fact that this was a really classless, d-bag move by Petey.

  • Count_Blah

    VB… Seriously.. Come out of the clouds you’re hanging out in.. When we have the opportunity next year? I’m a huge Bruin fan, but I seriously doubt that opportunity will arise next year… The gap in talent is still tremendous and will probably get worse before it gets better…

    I’d like to say we should now focus on basketball but good grief this looks like it’s building to be the worst season in BH’s tenure…

    Can we just get the 2009-2010 scholastic year over with now?

    Gotta keep the faith though… Perhaps sometime in the next few years we’ll close the gap, but it’s really not looking good.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Jon. But more to the point, what irks Bruin fans is the blatant hypocrisy of Carroll and USC fans as they spent two weeks berating Harbaugh for lacking “class.” This, apparently, was an attempt by Trojans everywhere to seize the moral high ground.

    Anyone who knows anything about Carroll and USC knows that they are as low class as they come.

    So sure, go for the touchdown at the end of the game to ice it. No problem. Just don’t whine like babies (“What’s your deal?”) when it happens to you. And certainly don’t try to incite a riot on your sideline after having a victory handed to you by the opposition.

    Trojans epitomize poor sportsmanship. They are neither gracious in victory, nor humble in defeat.

    Their time is coming. Perhaps as early as next week against Arizona.

  • SpartyNix

    VB, you are a complete idiot. The petulent brat CRN asked for it and PC obliged by spanking him. Seriously, you Bruin fans are clueless. Keep wallowing in your misery and complaining when you get your a** handed to you.

    Its not fair!!!!!!!!! Whaaaa!!

  • VB’s Office Plant


    You have been partaking in my bounty too much and it is clouding your judgment. Put down the bong for a minute and get real. If all the recent a**kickings by the trojans can’t motivate the team what makes you think this will? As I have continuously posted on this blog. Unless the admin changes its policies we will never be relevant at football. the admin won’t change so we should just drop the sport. 8th place in the pac 10 is not an improvement and things aren’t getting better. When Chow “retires” after the nfl paychecks stop the elite recruits will no longer even look at us. We are doomed to mediocrity.

  • Anonymous

    My question is what happens if Barkley throws a pick 6 in that situation? The it is suddenly a one possesion game with time on the clock. Every other coach runs the ball in that situation. But PC just goes to show how classless he is by allowing that playcall.

    In the end though, I am proud to be a Bruin and proud to root for this group of guys. And I’m really glad I don’t have to justify ridiculous behavior like all suc fans will be doing for the next year.

    Go Bruins, brighter days are close

  • Dave


    Neuheisel got exactly what he asked for.

  • Coach Thom

    VB, I like your venomous spirit. Things will be hot next year, for sure. But we play SC after having to endure a very tough schedule, and with our recent history of horrible injuries, especially to our QBs, I believe we’ll be entering the SC game with Aaron Hestor at DE, Nelson Rosario at RG, Norm Cow at center, and back-ups playing everywhere else. I understand one of the cheerleaders is terrific at reverses. May come in handy against SC next year. Go Bruins!

  • Seitz

    **Its not fair!!!!!!!!! Whaaaa!!**

    Funny, that sounds exactly like what Cheatey Petey said after getting bitchslapped by Stanford. Guess $C “fans” can dish it out, but have a real hard time taking it.

  • James

    VB and friends: I hope all the crying makes you feel better than the 6-6 season did.

    F-ing losers.

  • Bruin_Bry

    Completely agree with you Jon. Have no problem with the bomb, although a petty jab, since Neu called the timeout. It was the classless, beyond the norm, taunting afterwards that pissed most of the Bruin Nation! This must not be forgotten by Bruin players/fans/coaches. Revenge is a hell of an extra motivating factor. We will win this war!

  • AC

    Jon, totally agree. Game was still on. The TD call was made because it WASN’T expected by UCLA. And it iced the game (as if it wasn’t already). Neuheisel said it himself… they needed to cover it. The Bruin faithful need to stop whining about the TD itself.

    HOWEVER, the manner in which Pete Carroll and his staff and players celebrated and taunted after the play is what was totally CLASSLESS, and the Bruin response to take notice and get on the field was more than appropriate (if not a bit too subdued).

    I expect that kind of low level 8th grade behavior from a bunch of 18 year old misfits, but from a coaching staff? We already knew PC can’t lose like a man. We now know he can’t win like one either.

  • Anonymous

    Did this blog forget we had a basketball game this afternoon? Who was covering the loss to Long Beach?

  • bruinwonder

    Jon Gold and all trojan fans: go to hell. You’ll pay for it sooner or later, and let’s not try to justify pete caroll being the most immature coach in college football. We found that out at the sanchez press conference

  • Anonymous

    Rn got exactly what he deserved. I was at the game. It was cold and everyone wanted to go home! What was RN trying to prove? PC did what any competitive coach would have done! PC is just reminding future recruits (both school recruit the same athletes, don’t kid yourself) what is in store for them if they choose UCLA.

  • cliq

    “It was cold and everyone wanted to go home!”

    You must have been one of the SC “fans” who left with 8 minutes left in the Stanford game too.

  • Vasquez

    WOW…. some angry people up in here. Umm, it’s just a game, a silly, stupid, fun, game. It’s not a matter of life and death and it definitely is something to easily forget. Be thankful for the family and friends you got to spend the holiday weekend with, and the fact we can watch these games freely.

  • Win Forever

    This is the worst team USC has had in the last 8 years and yet still they have a shot at 10-3. UCLA is not close, next year USC will be better and will spank the bRuins. Fight on!

  • samohopar

    The really pathetic thing about the end of that game wasn’t the long touchdown throw, but Carroll’s reaction. You’d think he won the national championship on a last minute drive the way he reacted. As biased as I am, I had no problem with that last TD. But his reaction and the taunting, wow. I can’t wait till next year.

  • Anonymous

    I think the main point you can take from this game is that USC players are fabulously talented 5 star players who play wonderfully as individuals, especially when inspired. They can have Everson Griffin with his exaggerated sack celebrations. USC no longer plays like a team, and that is their downfall. They have a bunch of five star players playing for their personal glory and pro future. They no longer have the coaching staff to structure these players into their system. That was blantantly clear throughout this year.

  • amm

    I think our shot at SC next year is way better. Our team is young and will improve tenfold while i don’t buy the youth of the Trojans. They have to replace their entire secondary, half the O and Dline will be gone and i think 1 linebacker. Everyone will be sophs and juniors with big experience under their belt and i think we’ll surprise a lot of people next year.

    GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    RN’s timeout: Nothing to lose, everything to gain (fumble, blockpunt, onside kick?)
    PC’s decision to score the TD: nothing to gain (eitherway, SC wins), everything to lose (bulletin board material, tainted a perfectly good win for the kids,possible pick6, possible brawl and injury to a key player, bad karma, gives every opposing coach excuse to run in up,some parent in the future will decide to send their kid to some other pac10 team, and that kid can end up being a monster.)

    SC wins 7 meaningless points in the short term, in the long term a loss for SC football

    classy or not classy; just a plainly bad decision

  • uclaike

    Jon, I couldn’t have said it better myself. This isn’t the first time a coach has burned his timeouts in garbage time, and after sleeping on it (and burning off a hangover), I am really not that offended in what Pete Carroll did. I was (and still) am appalled at the behavior of the USC players taunting on the sideline but you know what…


    The long bomb, the intensity of the celebration on USC’s side, and our players reaction to it shows that the intensity meter just shot through the roof with this rivalry. We have been waiting for this for almost a decade!

    We dealt with five painful years of Dorrell being perfectly happy to play second fiddle to USC, and now we finally have a coach that wants to compete as badly as Pete Carroll. I know we’re all upset at the loss, and this is a game we could have won, but watching the game yesterday, I realized that for the first time since in almost 10 years, we had players that were on par with the guys across town, and with a fighting spirit. Remember, we’re now playing with a lot of guys recruiting to be Trojans, so they’re not exactly in awe of that program, or those players.


    We’re building depth at every position, we’re gaining experience (our guys in the trenches are going to gain the most from another year in the weight room and at the training table), and our players will take the experience of this year to learn how to close out close games like Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, and USC, where we were in it save for underclassmen mistakes.

    I think we should stop focusing on how PC or RN weren’t classy, etc, etc, and instead focus on the fact that this rivalry is back on.

  • Dean

    I was there. It wasn’t that cold. There’s clearly no rule that says you have to stay until the clock reads 0:00, just ask any of the 60,000ish fans that left before all the excitement.

    USC fans’ egos are so fragile. A timeout? That’s the standard protocol of football. Risking injury or turnover when the game is decided? That’s childish.

    I thought as a society, we were done with this whole Kanye West “I’m so dope I need to keep reminding everyone of how dope I am” attitude.

    Any news on the Reggie Bush investigation? Or does does USC own the NCAA as wells as the police?

  • doug4ucla

    I think it was away for Pete to get back for the Stanford issue? Why in the hell would Stanford want to run up the score on SC, what possible motivation could they have? As a coach it has happened to me…and the coaches who got me, got it done back to them down the road. SMILE…….Pete may have woken a “Sleeping Giant”

  • Mike

    You are wrong, Jon…wrong! Neuheisel called timeout to either 1)hope for a turnover; 2)provide some last minute coaching to his kids; 3) both 1 and 2. If the other side’s coach really thought “ok, game on”, then the safest thing for him to do was to continue to take a knee. Lowest risk play there is in football. Only center-qb transfer. No handoff. No passes. Lowest risk of a turnover. Highest probability of securing a win. By throwing deep, the SOB thought of nothing else but rubbing our noses in the score. NOTHING ELSE! It was bush league. It was classless. It was running up the score. It was typical behavior from that ‘team’ so I guess I have no idea why I’m surprised..I guess I’m not..I’m more surprised at those defending the call. He was pissed when the score was run up on him. He can dish it out but he can’t take it. What a bush leage a$$

  • Big Brother

    “USC fans’ egos are so fragile.” Well maybe, but UCLA fans are fragile, period. Seriously, you guys reflect the losing spirit of your football team perfectly. In the sport of crying the Bruins will always be #1.

    Congrats on a successful .500 season.

    Your Big Brother

  • James

    Sleeping giant????? LMFAO.

    You guys are pure losers. Go cry some more.

  • SpartyNix

    The gap has not closed, at least not in one respect. Bruin fans still have Little Brother Syndrome. Big brother beat up UCLA and when he let up UCLA took a shot at him. So big brother responded by pounding UCLA into submission. Now UCLA fans are all crying to Mommy. Whaaaaaa!

    You guys are embarrassing. Grow a pair.

  • RobM

    The hate will always be there. Let’s not belabor the point of SUC and Carroll having no class, I think that is a fairly established point. I have yet to see the day that they can win or lose with dignity.

    If the game was going to end “classy”, it goes like this:

    SUC keeps it on the ground for 3 plays (or gets a first down), Neu burns all 3 timeouts. Even if you have to punt the ball with a few seconds left on the clock, still up by 14 = Game over.

    I agree with Jon and Bruinova, RN made the right call using the TO. If he doesn’t, he’s not “playing the full 60”. …and… Carroll has the right to call whatever play he wants, I’m more disappointed that the defense wasn’t expecting the d-bag move, what the hell else were you expecting from SUC? I’m more surprised it wasn’t a fake kneeldown or a flea-flicker.

  • Anonymous

    As a former player myself, PC’s move was bush league. Run a few dive plays and punt. A running play might break up field for a TD, no big deal. Even if you pass short and break it for a TD, then cool… no biggie. But throwing for the end zone? Please. Classless.

    If the time out meant game on, then anyone….please provide a similar example in the history of sports that was universally considered game on… and not poor sportsmanship.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, let’s not mistake your high school football career for a D-1 rivalry. Please remove your perspective and stick to the reporting of facts unless asked for your opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, your blog has become nothing more than another internet cesspool. Although I have no problem with you stating your opinion, the tone of many of the comments makes the whole thing unbearable.


    YOu play football to the end, the UCLA secondary did not play to the end. if CRH wants tgo call timeouts then it is game on and UCLA should be ready for anything especially from Petey. If you dont want them to throw dont call the timeouts

  • uclabruin84

    Anon 613PM – You don’t have to read what Jon writes. Go back to the SUC blog.

    Jon – I, for one, appreciate your perspective (along with anyone else who cares to chime in). The FACT is that the Trojan players showed ZERO sportsmanship after the TD. Petey is going to be Petey … go for the juggler … I have no problem with that. All I can say is what goes around comes around and I can’t wait for that day to come … hopefully next year at the Rose Bowl!

  • MoeBruins


    You are totally wrong on this one.

    The first thing that any child learns when his team is loosing is that you should never give up. So there was nothing wrong at all with RN not giving up.

    The first thing any child learns is when his team is winning you don’t pour it on and humiliate your opponents. Pete Carrol chose to do just that and then celebrated the humiliation TD like he had just won the Super Bowl.

    So there is something terribly wrong with a coach who just two weeks ago was crying about another coach rubbing it in on him doing the exact same thing.


  • uclaike

    Anon (6:13 PM) — This is a blog, we’re supposed to get his opinion dude.

  • doug4ucla

    Jon, it’s you’re BLOB say want you want….a lot of these guys on here have no idea or the scares to back up the garbage they say. To the people who do say what is on your mine……but Jesus, be nice……..

  • Ruined Bruin

    Tough to lose to USC anyway…may have cost us Tony Jefferson too! Greg Biggins reported he decommitted and is chosing between USC and Okalhoma.

  • Anonymous

    Love the racists comments by AB. When the chips are down, most people show their true colors.

    A disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    1. John Gold is correct.

    2. Whoever said it was the best thing that could happen to UCLA as far as motivation goes is also correct.

    3. VB’s “NAPPY CRIMINALS” and “STRAIGHT FROM THE GHETTO” comments are borderline racist.

  • Anonymous

    Jon Gold gives an objective opinion and people turn on him. Now that’s classy.

  • Anonymous


    “Now, the “skirmish” escalated not after the touchdown, but after USC’s blatant taunting on the sidelines. Did things get out of hand? A bit. I love the passion and the pride that the players have in their teams.”

    You are now captain obvious, congratulations. Things got a bit out of hand, eh? WOW, we didn’t notice

  • slick neu-weasel

    SC – Victors
    UCLA – Victims

  • Joe B.ruin

    U guys need to chill out. UCLA is a .500 football program until proven otherwise, it’s not worth getting that worked up over it.

    It’s good to see the rivalry is finally back…last 10 yrs have been a huge bore.

  • East_Bay_Bruin

    Yeah Pete Carroll and “Class” what a joke. How about when he called for an onside kick in the first quarter of the game against WSU when SC was up 14-0. WSU is a JC team this year…and not a good JC team but Pete decided to “go for the open opportunity.” He’s an arse clown. I disliked SC before. I really HATE SC now.

    Can’t wait for the NCAA to hammer Pom Pom and his band of jerks.

  • Bruin Al

    Neuheisel shows no fire. The team lacks leadership. He has always been a fraud.

  • theuclan

    you can try to justify it all you want but it was a classless play. he should have called a run and game over…

    i like how Pete said in his press conf that when he saw the play unfolding he went oh no – sure ass wipe…

    i think this will actually help the bruin program.. your right Jon UCLA has caught up a bit and with the way CRN is recruiting Petey will come to regret this play…

    nice to get all those shots of future la county inmates in the Trojan sideline..

  • Child Services

    UB needs to have a talk with VB about his ghetto criminal remarks, they are extremely out of line.

  • Anonymous

    You wanna talk about classless? Read this:

    Five-star athlete Tony Jefferson (Chula Vista, Calif./Eastlake) decommitted from UCLA following an official visit to USC and will now decide for either the Trojans or the Oklahoma Sooners, ESPN’s Greg Biggins reports.

    “The UCLA players really disrespected me before the game,” Jefferson said. “When they saw me, they were all cussing at me, telling me to never come around Westwood again and things like that. These were guys that I had hung out with before and it was a lot of the team. I guess I kind of see it since I was committed there and was wearing USC gear before their big game but I still didn’t appreciate it.”

  • john

    the actions of the usc team and comments by its fans (james and big brother)speak for themselves. Blake Ayles and his finger, Malaluga and his troubles last year and James and his obscene posts. And we aren’t even mentioning the Reggie Bush payments. Your words and actions have proven that you are classless and uneducated.

  • Matt A

    So, a UCLA potential recruit, came to Westwood representing ‘$c gear, and got the cold shoulder? I got one word and one phrase for that:


    Good riddance.

    Didn’t sound smart enough to come to UCLA from that quote.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Sleeping Giant,

    At least UCLA has national championships in basketball and more NCAA championships than your school. How many championships and final four appearances has your basketball team been in? They tried to “buy it” with Floyd and how did that turn out? Reggie Bush and Floyd dealings – do you see a pattern? You are so ignorant that you just insulted your softball team at usc with your comments.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Matt A you moron, Jefferson was on an official visit to USC! As a result, he had USC gear on. Recruits wear the gear of the school they are visiting ALL the time. The UCLA players were showing their true, classless colors.

  • cliq

    This Jefferson kid commits to UCLA then goes to the rivalry game wearing USC clothing?
    That’s a big slap in the face. And this kid has been waivering for a while now. With how many commits/decommits he’s had… really sounds like a kid we wouldn’t want.

  • I thought so

    Can’t wait until next season.

    Carroll’s got to be scared.

  • Anonymous

    So I just rewatched the end of the 1992 Game on Prime Ticket. At the end of the game, SC trailed by 1 and was kicking off from midfield, but UCLA recovered the onside kick.

    UCLA came to the line of scrimmage with :40 left in their victory formation and they took a knee.

    SC had one time out left and Larry Smith used it, stopping the clock at :37.

    Keep in mind that SC had NO chance of winning that game when they took the time out, but nobody cared! The announcers didn’t say that Smith was exhibiting poor sportsmanship. No one wrote in the paper that Larrry Smith was a “brat” for calling that timeout!

    The Bruins snapped the ball again and the game ended. (edited, but you can see the ref calling time out in the ESPN version and no comment about the time out by these announcers either)

  • Anonymous

    Jon, you post is extremely disappointing and borderline disturbing. It is tantamount to enabling this behavior.

    This is what a program lacking institutional control looks like.

    The NCAA better pummel SC back into the stone age when it ends its decade-long investigation. This wasn’t just a sour way to end a game. It was more than bad for the rivalry. This was bad for sports. This is what a program lacking institutional control looks like. This sends a message of it being “okay.” Little kids mimic this kind of stuff. It’s the same reason why showboating in basketball reigns supreme over fundamentals. It’s the same reason why society has become numb to women be objectified on MTV. We have become numb as a society to people like Pete Carroll and his band of punks. Pete Carroll has no sense of decency.

    I rolled my eyes when Neuheisel called a TO wishing he’d just let the kids get on the bus and go home. But that farce of a coach across town is going to get his someday. These “coaches” are supposed to be teachers. And PC did an excellent job how to teach taunting, thuggery, and how to win with absolutely no class whatsoever.

    There is a reason why the whole country hates SC — and it ain’t because a bunch of old men occasionally vote them a mythical championship. Otherwise Notre Dame would be the most hated school.


    UCLA fans are once again proving they are complete losers. Rick asked for that last TD and Carroll obliged and spanked his sorry a**. End of story. Until you start worrying about things that actually matter you will continue to be the laughing stock of the city.

  • cv

    Yea i saw the SC team running out to mid field and knocking down refs. Oh wait i just watched the replay and it was the team in blue. The look on the weasels face was classic, in 54 seconds he completely lost control of his team. You people act like no one ever runs the score up in football.

  • Husky Fan 12

    UCLA fans are delusional. THEIR team called the unnecessary TO and got what it asked for. THEIR team came all the way out to midfield. THEIR player knocked over an official. THEIR coaches failed to control its players.

    But keep whining about USC, because nothing is ever poor old UCLA’s fault. NEVER.

    Enjoy losing to the team across town for another decade.

  • Jack 33

    Poor UCLA. I feel sorry for you guys. It must really suck having the opposing team be so mean to you. Its really not fair (cue violins). When are all the opposing teams going to start playing nice? Poor, poor baby bears. USC really needs to start being kind to UCLA.

  • LM Bruin

    These comments are embarrassing. This is the reason we have a reputation for being soft. Instead of focusing on the real reasons why we can’t beat USC, you guys choose to cry about the Trojans tacking on an extra TD. Grow a pair of balls, all of you.

    Neuheisel is an idiot. By calling that TO he put his petty feud with PC in front of the psyche of his players. Of course USC went for the jugular. (I would have too)

  • Beaver Nation

    You Bruin fans are hilarious. You share the same characteristic of your football team: SOFT.

  • Resource Guy

    Classless in victory. Pete is a mental midget. Any reasonable person could see that in a cross town rivalry you don’t do something as stupid as that. That play could have brought down both programs had a brawl ensued and he’s lucky he didn’t loose one of his players to injury during that play and especially after that play. I would have begged to be on the kick-return team and I would have put my helmet right in the knee and ruined the career of one of those a-holes. Lucky for the Trojans that UCLA is an intellectual institution and would not have sunk to that level. I guarantee you that if UCLA had done that to U$C, there would have been a brawl because the USC players don’t have the intelligence, self respect, and decency to stop themselves. All the possible negative outcomes just because Pete can’t control his ego. Selfish, self-serving horrible person. And to you U$C fans…I remember your pissing a moaning after the many beat downs laid on U$C by UCLA in the past. Learn to win with class.

  • kelphus

    Jon, you are right. Both coaches did what they were entitled to do, and it is ridiculous to call either coach “classless” or wrong.

    The term “classless” is overused, and when I hear it… I hear whining… no matter who says it.

    I didn’t like that for the second year in a row the Bruin players stormed the field during the game. At least this year the Trojans stayed on their sideline and didn’t take the bait like they did last year. That type of behavior was beneath either school… isn’t it the coaches’ place to stop that? Saw at least ten cops run out on the field to reign in the UCLA players, but it wasn’t until Neuheisel got in front of them that they moved back. Somebody could have been hurt – I saw a ref bowled over by a Bruin player who was more intent on trying to call out opposing players… do do what? Fight? It was just like two barking dogs who want to see who barks the loudest…

    Neuheisel is a great coach, but he needs to make sure this doesn’t happen next year at the Rose Bowl… and Carroll needs to do the same. When you’re on the sideline, fine, yell, wave your arms ( or a long white towel), whatever, but the field is for the game.

    I am glad to see UCLA’s program improving. I like a real rivalry. I don’t like the current one sided era (except for the 13-9) of the last 11 years any more than I liked the UCLA streak of 8 before then. I hope we all agree we like to see the 45-42 and 38-37 type games, right?

    Put away the venom, Bruins and Trojans… it’s a game, right?

  • Anonymous

    More importantly than any game on the field.

    Why is nobody addressing VB’s remarks.

  • SD Trojan 2

    Resource Guy = Loser, much like his football team.

  • Anonymous

    VB’s remarks were racist. They should be repudiated by fans on both sides of the rivalry.

  • Anonymous

    VB you are right on the money… pure ghetto and soon to be incarcerated thugs….

  • Anonymous

    Raymond Carter and Brian Price went to Crenshaw High.
    Rahim More and Jonathan Franklin went to Dorsey.
    Terrance Austin and countless others over the years from LB Poly.

    Not all from the best parts of town but I don’t think less of them for it, if anything I respect them more for finding a way out.

    How do you feel about these players VB?

  • Bruin T

    Gold has it right. If RN thought we could score by saving clock, SC has every right to widen the gap via any means. We got slapped on that. Those who don’t know that has never played the game on any level. Completely different than the SC-Stanford discussion. Face it, SC will be back to form next year and we have a long way to go. And we do have more inner-city kids than SC in football – read a media guide, VB. We’ve got to right the ship in b-ball now. We may have 100+ team NC’s, but a third of them are in women’s sports. SC has the lead on men’s sports, we need to close that gap. Not to belittle women’s sports, but when’s the last time you went to a Ucla softball game? Ugh, Bruin weekend from hell.

  • Bruin T

    VB – where did you park? Pay the $80 and park closer, and win or lose, don’t taunt the opposing team when you’re a visitor! Did you just move to L.A.? Buy a box of Kleenex and get off this blog.

  • Don Imus

    VB, the fans didn’t taunt you because your dad is a Bruin, it was the pointy white hoods you were wearing that angered them.

  • Fluffer

    VB’s comments are racist. No doubt about it. Jon Gold should remove those comments.

    Check this out. VERY FUNNY STUFF. Trojans complaing about the THUGS at their tailgaiting parties outside the slum/Coliseum. Just a few HIGHLIGHTS:

    1. Tattooed Fan brings TWO massive pit-bulls on chains to the USC tailgate.

    2. A woman is stabbed outside the museum while tailgating at USC.

    3. A porta-potty is tipped over with someone in it.

    4. Dueling DJs with loud speakers all over the place and on campus.

    5. Alcohol-fueled fights galore.

    6. Complaints that the Trojan Nation has been taken over by the RAIDER NATION.

    7. Loud cries of WHERE IS THE POLICE??

  • Jason

    VB, you are a moron and a racist

  • Steve

    VB, you are a pansy.

  • Nappy Bruin

    Every team has idiot fans, from little league soccer to the pros.

    Remember all the Bulls and Lakers fans who have rioted after championships causing harm and damage to individuals and property? Nobody blamed Michael Jordan or Shaq for them and they shouldn’t.

    Even worse, look at VB. Nobody should blame Bruins for his disgraceful words and actions.

  • El Maton

    wow! calling players “thugs” and “ghetto” because they celebrated a win is pure racist and bullish!! this has no place in a blog about collegiate sports. maybe “childish” or “excessive” but i didnt see a problem with it because i saw UW doing the same thing when Locker completed that last pass to beat USC. Bruin fans get a clue. the team sucks, no leadership or direction and will struggle to replace Brian Price and Reggie Carter.

    VB, watch your words and keep them relative to this blog

  • Bruin T

    I don’t think VB’s a racist, just a moron. A moron of epic proportions. VB, our teams suck and you’re a moron… accepting these facts are the first steps toward recovery.

  • tim warren

    A couple of clarifications are needed from Trojan fans who have visited this Bruin blog (I’m trying to be nice about this):

    (1) How can PC, within a mere minute, go from (a) being sportsmanlike by taking a knee, to (b) overlooking the fact that the opposing team who has three timeouts left and is two scores behind with a minute to go sometimes does call a timeout in that situation even if the other team does take a knee, to (c) absolute glee once the TD bomb works. Psychoanalysis is needed!

    (2) A couple of Trojan fans mentioned that it was UCLA players who came midway across the field, but they were silent on the fact that it was the Trojan sideline who first came on to the field (about 1/3 of the way across the field)

    This of course will be called “whining” or something worse as directed by the Winning Fan’s Guide to Blogging.

  • uclabruin84

    Husky Fan 12 – UCLA fans are delusional? Your AD said “there are only two “national” programs in the conference – USC and UW.” Did he forget that you finished 0-12 last year!

    Thanks for beating the Trolies, though. That was cool!

  • Slick neu-Weasel

    UCLA = Victims
    USC = Victors

  • Bruin T

    Jon, apologies for the comments of some moronic Bruins here… they don’t realize that compared to your Daily News counterpart who covers SC (Scott Wolf), we have it very good… now if only our sports teams can get a friggin’ win that matters!

  • Anonymous

    What does UB have to say about his son’s nappy hoodlum posts?