On the chat


The chat turned into a free-for-all, and that’s not cool. Sorry I wasn’t there to monitor it better. I’m not in the business of banning people or anything like that, but seriously, keep it cleaner next time. This chat has been deleted.


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  • TrojanInVenice

    You should have just called a timeout on the chat. That worked really well for Slick Rick.

  • DFlinn

    The chat turned bad the same time the game did. Good idea deleting it

  • Anonymous

    You should have called a timeout on the chat. That worked real well for Slick Rick.

  • Sid

    The chat turned into a free for all because of the SC trolls who came in to gloat. It was quite civil until they came after the game was over.

    Just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

    I totally missed it, what happened?

  • OCJohn

    The profanity was non-stop from the start. Most of it was from “outsiders” who just wanted to cause problems. I got tired of it and left early in the game.

  • kiyo8

    not ur fault jon we did get out of hand and frustrated at the lack of plays converted and some calls… and pete carrolls low classness ill make sure im clean… cant be here to baby sit the chat everytime … whats your thought on what pete caroll did ?

  • anon

    IMO you just need to make some sort of requirement for registration. The guest feature allows many trolls and insecure SUC fans to come in during the end of the game.

  • Anonymous

    Neuheisel baited Carroll into the pass. More ammo for recruiting to UCLA. See how it plays with character kids and their families. I’d like to see gloating finger pointing Pete become an internet joke, a la Kanye.

  • Trojohnny

    I just want to say that the end of the game behavior of Coach Carroll and SOME of the young men with poor guidance is not reflective of USC. I dislike UCLA and I cherish wins over the Bruins. But I don’t like that we gave you guys the opportunity to focus on our team’s obvious poor sportsmanship and lapse in character. It should be about football.

    It was a great game. We got a call with the phantom whistle but by the end of the season these things even out. A busted play to set up a POSSIBLE score would have fallen in the category of “lucky” anyway right?

    Where you guys got destroyed was your lack of an offensive line. If you can’t recruit the sort of linemen you need, Chow is probably not your guy or at least the offense he is trying to run. When you guys ran the QB giving you an extra blocker you had some success. It showed that you guys should at least mix it in more. Chow pulled out the QB protection options- rolling the QB out, quick screens, draws, shovel passes, misdirection. The failure in your line in too many places to make those fully effective.

    The QB option was more productive than all the other tactics. You still need to mix it up. The shovel and draws and misdirection worked a little and would do more playing off the option. If you mixed that in earlier it would have made it a ball game. Glad you didn’t.

    So great game, go back to your ACME Co. drawing board and see you next year bRuins.

  • Coach Thom

    Trojohnny is spot on. We do not have the ammo to sink the Trojan Bismarck, nor do we have the coaching staff to pull off the unlikely. We are mediocre, predictable, and BORING! We need a coach who does not insist on calling his players ‘kids’…I think the players find that demeaning…I always called my players ‘men’…we need a coach who empathizes with, rather than berates, his players and knows how to get the best out of them. I don’t blame Carroll for calling that last second deep pass play. Coach Rick initiated the spat by calling an unnecessary time-out. He should have known that Carroll would retaliate. Now, was Coach Rick a fool for not defending the inevitable, or was he laying a trap for Pete to show what a classless jerk he is? I guess we’ll find out when the recruits sign their letters of intention in Feb.

  • Slick neu-Weasel

    Humanitarian Bowl?

  • brand0n

    Jon, you’re the man. It’s not your job to police this blog. Sorry people like to act like internet tough guys and trash up your chat.

  • Anonymous


    I have a question maybe you could find out about.

    On Rosarios fumble, the whistle blew the play dead before SC had posession, yet they still overturned the call on the field and awarded the ball to SC.

    On the “lateral” there was a claim on an inadvertent whistle, although it wasn’t picked up on any tape. I have never heard of a play being overturned like that for an inadvertent whistle nobody heard on the field at the time..

    Can you clarify exactly a) what the rules are and b) were they applied correctly.


  • Brewnz

    Trojohnny, were you watching the same game as everyone else. UCLA’s offensive line wasn’t “dominated”, they just ran their slowest running back through it. Franklin exploded for 23 yards (and a recovered fumble) on his only carry. UCLA lost the game by GIVING USC 14 points on turnovers. USC’s offense was awful until the drive to win the game. The last touchdown has been rehashed ad nauseum, but is irrelevant in the scheme of things.

    To say that was a great game is ridiculous. Not a single fan I saw at the game was as proud of the team as you seem to be. Congrats on the win, but if you’re excited by what you saw then maybe you’re one of the realists who understands that USC is no longer the dominant team in the Pac 10. Honestly, for a re-building UCLA program that game represents that the gap in the programs has virtually vanished. Our defenses are equally good, and our offenses equally bad. Turnovers were the story for this conservative game and THAT’S where USC won it (4-1, 14 pt contribution)

  • Anonymous

    It’s a rebuilding year for both schools.

    Weak play and horrible games such as this are to be expected from both schools.

  • solomonbruin

    Pete Carroll showed his lack of class tonight. He was upset with Stanford going for two,but couldn’t resist sucker punching the Bruins.He got so excited he practically had a brain orgasm.Snubbing Neuheisel before the game really proved his lack of class. The Bruins are coming and Carroll’s act is starting to get old. When will the NCAA finally penalize the trojans? CHEAT ON FOR OLD SC!!!!

  • Encinitas Bruin

    Jon, what’s the latest info on the bowl picture?

    Miller at ESPN has us possibly going to either the GMAC or the Humanitarian.


  • Anonymous

    How does everyone feel about the timeout Neuheisel called?

  • Slick Weasel

    The difference between USC and UCLA? SC are victors, UCLA are victims. That sums it up tidy.

    When Stanford kicks SC’s ass. SC doesn’t cry. They watch film and practice. It was an ugly street fight last night. UCLA got stepped on our necks. And what do we do? Complain like victims.

  • Anonymous

    Weasel, you are NOT a UCLA fan, so please don’t refer to UCLA as “we.” Did you get your grammar education at SC? “SC ARE victors” and “UCLA ARE victims,” and yet “Stanford KICKS?” So SC and UCLA are plural but Standford is singular? At least be consistent.

  • The Blur

    Pete Carroll absolutely rubbed our nose in it, and It should be no surprise that he did so. He has a reputation for it, which is why Harbaugh gave it back to him a couple weeks ago.

    But Neuheisel asked for it by calling timeout. It surprised me, but you could argue wasn’t fighting to the end if he didn’t call timeout.

    On the other side, you have to remember SC’s last game was that beat down they took against Stanford. They were hardly impressive last night, and they still have one more pac-10 game against Arizona. They needed a boost of confidence. They’re a proud team having a tough year, and they want to protect their reputation as the dominant team in LA and the pac-10. They didn’t get there by being nice guys. Hopefully the Bruins got the message and will be ready next year, because they weren’t this year. We’ve got a young team, and we appear to be closing the gap.

    Oh, and I hate to say it, but Weasel is right about some of you sounding like victims. And the grammar policing is even more embarrassing. Quit whining.

  • BruinBrent

    I was at the game last night, sitting with my family in a sea of red. Aside from the obvious lack of UCLA support at the stadium (I live in D.C. and still made the game), I have to give a nod to the USC fans sitting next to me. After the lateral-gone-bad play, several USC fans looked to us and said, “we don’t want to win like that. That was BS.” And they admitted that they won that game on mostly luck. Last night, BOTH teams were horrendous. UCLA’s interceptions / odd turnover-fumble-recovery destroyed four effective drives, all of which were leading to a score. USC had almost no offense, except for ONE drive at the end of the 4th, against a defeated, exhausted and demoralized defense that played an otherwise spectacular game. That last play of the game is what it is. USC fans know it, recruits know it, and we as UCLA fans don’t need to belabor it. It happened, and Mr. Carroll’s time is coming. Looking forward, it is obvious that we need an offensive line. Every time the line held, we made plays. Every time it didn’t (which was most of the game) we gave up huge plays. Take a look at Kraft, he had a bit more success because he only knows how to throw outside of the pocket, I suspect, because he grew up throwing with no protection last year. Kraft’s interception happened when he threw inside the pocket- no surprise. I don’t know what Rick needs to do get these types of recruits, but without an O-line, we will not succeed. With one, and possibly a consistent back, we will have the tools to really be successful.

    I also have to throw this out there. Stop pointing fingers at our coaches when the players are the ones who threw interceptions, failed to catch easy throws (I mean several times), couldn’t even vaguely create holes for our backs (unless we did the Oso Loco) and decided to stop covering the secondary on occasion. The play calling, considering the fundamental limitations of our team, was pretty spot on. Don’t forget that even without an O-Line we drove down the field five times, and USC did it once. Don’t forget that despite a pounding the entire night, our D-line held them time and time again (and trust me, you could see that USC was at least 20% bigger and faster in every regard). This was not because we were talented, it was because we were creating offense with very little, and being smart on defense. That is coaching. At the end of the day, Rick has been bringing in the recruits, and improved our game from the previous year. We won 6, that is better than last year. Hopefully, next year it will be 8, and 10, and then maybe, one day in the future, we can live up the legacy UCLA is. Until then, lets sack up and focus on getting UCLA what it needs to succeed. F#*K USC and Pete Carroll. Everyone knows what they are about. And one day, that mettle will play out on the field. That said, I personally hope that last night and the Stanford game signaled to USC that their honored coach is nothing more than opportunist who cares more about a single battle then the war. Well, give us some time, and we will turn the tide. GO BRUINS!!!

  • doug4ucla

    Pete is getting his kids ready for the cutthroat NFL. Remember Philly and Dallas a few years back…”what goes a round come around” It was CS no matter what level it is………