Some UCLA football rankings

Stat Tracker
Sophomore safety Rahim Moore finished the regular season as the NCAA leader in interceptions with nine and finished fifth in the NCAA – and first in the Pac-10 – with 1.33 passes defended per game. … Junior Kai Forbath finished No. 2 in the country in both field goals (2.17 per game) and field goal accuracy (89.7). … Junior defensive tackle Brian Price finished third in the NCA with 1.88 tackles for loss per game. … Freshman punter Jeff Locke finished 12th in the NCAA and second in the Pac-10 with 44 yards per punt.

Stat Tracker (continued)
As a team, UCLA finished at No. 88 in total offense (339.33 yards per game), No. 99 in scoring offense (21.33 points per game), No. 52 in passing offense (222.92 ypg) and No. 98 in rushing offense (116.42 ypg). The Bruins finished No. 37 in total defense (338.33 ypg), No. 31 in scoring defense (21.25 ppg), No. 30 in passing defense (193.92 ypg) and No. 62 in rushing defense (144.42 ypg).

As a team, UCLA led the Pac-10 in interceptions (18) and tackles for loss (7.83 TFL per game) and finished second in net punting yards (37.76 yards per punt).

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  • Fluffer

    Check this out. VERY FUNNY STUFF. Trojans complaing about the THUGS at their tailgaiting parties outside the slum/Coliseum. Just a few HIGHLIGHTS:

    1. Tattooed Fan brings TWO massive pit-bulls on chains to the USC tailgate.

    2. A woman is stabbed outside the museum while tailgating at USC.

    3. A porta-potty is tipped over with someone in it.

    4. Dueling DJs with loud speakers all over the place and on campus.

    5. Alcohol-fueled fights galore.

    6. Complaints that the Trojan Nation has been taken over by the RAIDER NATION.

    7. Loud cries of WHERE IS THE POLICE??

  • Matt Stevens

    I felt both defenses played extremely well and clearly Malcolm Smith, USC’s outside linebacker, was the player of the game with 15 tackles, a “Pick-6” and TFL. USC was able take advantage of two UCLA interceptions and capitalized with two touchdowns.

    During the 4th quarter a very unfortunate break occurred for UCLA when an unintentional lateral pass was blown dead by an inadvertent whistle. Instead of UCLA having the ball on the Trojan 21-yard line, the referees mysteriously gave UCLA the option of having the down over, or having the ball plus 5-yards from the inadvertent whistle? Regardless, it was a broken play by UCLA anyway.

    UCLA did mount a 4th quarter score to close the gap to 14-7 on a Chane Moline touchdown.

    USC responded with their only successful long drive of the game in which Matt Barkley used the short side of the field to connect on quick hitting pass plays against UCLA’s loose coverage. By the end of the drive, Allen Bradford barreled his way into the endzone to give USC a 21-7 advantage.

    UCLA got the ball back and was unsuccessful in matching the Trojan score having gone four downs and out. Because all the previous plays were incomplete passes, UCLA still had three timeouts remaining.

    With under a minute, USC got the ball on UCLA’s 46 yard line. At this point Rick Neuheisel had three options having three timeouts and knowing USC had to get a first down in order to expire the game clock:

    1. Force USC to run the ball and perhaps there could be a fumble.
    2. Hold USC and force them to punt and there could be a punt return for a touchdown.
    3. Give up and not compete.

    Rick Neuheisel decided option 1 & 2 and played for a miracle.

    Surprisingly, USC took a knee on first down in which UCLA quickly called a timeout. USC faced 2nd- and-12 on the UCLA 48-yard line and 53 seconds remained.

    Rick Neuheisel’s rationalized calling a timeout on 2nd down would leave 48 seconds on the clock. A timeout on 3rd down would leave 43 seconds on the clock. If the Trojans did not get a 1st down they would be forced to punt the ball with 10-18 seconds remaining on the clock. As I mentioned, Rick played for a miracle.

    However, on 2nd down USC ran a play-action which resulted in a 48-yard touchdown pass from Matt Barkley to Damian Williams. UCLA got caught off guard and it was a successful play call by Jeremy Bates, the offensive coordinator of USC.

    However, I want to point out that if was an incomplete pass, UCLA could have spared a timeout for 3rd and 4th down, and then got the ball back with 35-38 seconds remaining. It was an uncalculated gamble that paid off for the Trojans, but they had the luxury of a 14 point lead.

    Following the touchdown and a 28-7 lead, Pete Carroll and his team began dancing along the Trojan sideline in an excessive celebration. The Trojan players walked out to the numbers on the field and taunted the UCLA sideline.

    At this point, Jack Wood, the head referee, should have called a penalty for excessive celebration and ordered Pete Carroll and the USC players back to their sideline. The taunting on the field delayed the ensuing kickoff and penalty flags thrown in the air would have signaled to the UCLA sideline that the referees had the game under control.

    However, as a result of no excessive celebration penalty being called, the UCLA players began leaving their sidelines in retaliation. It got to the point where the two teams were 10 feet from each other standing at midfield. Thankfully, the teams were separated and there was no further threat of violence to the players, coaches and spectators.

    I want to point out the following:

    • Two good defenses squared off and played really well. My hats off to Malcolm Smith, the best player on the field.
    • Two FR quarterbacks struggled in their first game of the rivalry.
    • There is a sign in the Trojan tunnel entering the Coliseum that states “Always Compete.” Would Pete Carroll have been disappointed if Rick Neuheisel gave up and not called a timeout?
    • A successful 48-touchdown pass was a slight gamble (14 point lead) that paid off for the Trojans. Could we imagine the criticism if UCLA pulled off a miracle resulting from USC not running the football?
    • Excessive celebration and taunting result in penalties. The referees did not do their job on Saturday night.
    • USC has won 10 of the last 11 games in the rivalry.

  • BruinEric

    The team rankings may move slightly since some other teams are still playing. So this may be worth revisiting when the regular season is over.

  • Dr. Bruin

    Those stats show some definite signs of progress. Our defensive scheme is obviously allowing our playmakers to make some big plays (interceptions and tackles for loss) and our offense jumped 20 or so places in the rankings through the last 3-4 weeks of the season. Those are some great things to build off of during the off-season.