UCLA Banquet Award Winners

Running back Chane Moline, safety Rahim Moore and defensive tackle Brian Price were selected winners of UCLA’s Henry R. “Red” Sanders Award for Most Valuable Player at the Annual UCLA Football Awards Banquet, held Monday evening at the Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel.

Moore led the nation with nine interceptions, tied for the No. 2 total in school history. He tied a school record with three against San Diego State and made two each versus Tennessee and Arizona.

Price led the Pac-10 with 22.5 tackles for loss, including 7.0 sacks. His TFL total ranks No. 2 in school history while his career total of 43.5 ranks No. 2 (tied) on that list.

Moline played both fullback and tailback for the Bruins. He scored three touchdowns at Washington State and helped control the football in the victory over Arizona State with 84 yards on 25 attempts. He also led the Bruins with six touchdowns.

The complete list of winners:

Charles Pike Memorial Award for Outstanding Scout Team Player: Offense: lineman Nik Abele, wide receiver Josh Smith, wide receiver Ricky Marvray; Defense: lineman Keenan Graham, linebacker Isaiah Bowens, linebacker David Allen; Special Teams: wide receiver Jerry Rice, Jr., wide receiver Jeff Dickmann

Jack. R. Robinson Award for Highest Scholarship of a Senior Player: tight end Logan Paulsen

N.N. Sugarman Award for Best Leadership: Offense: tight end Logan Paulsen; Defense: linebacker Reggie Carter

Captain Don Brown Memorial Award for Most Improved Player: Offense: wide receiver Nelson Rosario, tackle Mike Harris ; Defense: linebacker Akeem Ayers, tackle David Carter

John Boncheff, Jr. Memorial Award for Rookie of the Year: Offense: tackle Xavier Su’a-Filo, quarterback Kevin Prince; Defense: cornerback Sheldon Price, cornerback Andrew Abbott

Ed Kezirian “Coach K” Award for Academic and Athletic Excellence: defensive back Marlon Pollard

Tommy Prothro Award for Outstanding Special Teams Player: place kicker Kai Forbath, punter Jeff Locke, linebacker Sean Westgate

Kenneth S. Washington Award for Outstanding Senior: Offense: tight end Ryan Moya; defense: tackle Jerzy Siewierski

George W. Dickerson Award for Outstanding Offensive Player vs. USC: wide receiver/kick returner Terrence Austin

Donn Moomaw Award for Outstanding Defensive Player vs. USC: cornerback Alterraun Verner

Paul I. Wellman Memorial Award for All-Around Excellence: Offense: wide receiver Terrence Austin; Defense: cornerback Alterraun Verner

Jerry Long “Heart” Award: Offense: quarterback Kevin Craft; Defense: end Korey Bosworth, linebacker Kyle Bosworth

Henry R. “Red” Sanders Award for Most Valuable Player: Offense: running back Chane Moline; Defense: tackle Brian Price, safety Rahim Moore

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  • BruinFaithful

    No way Chane was an MVP.

  • TruBruin

    Somebody has to win that award, right?
    The only other option really was Prince
    and he is a RS Freshman. This year it was
    pretty much a win by default. No MVP’s on
    that side of the ball

  • bruinbiochem06

    I’ve been meaning to ask how Nik Abele has been doing. This pretty much answers my question!

    Go Bruins!!!

  • UCLASteve

    Hahahahaha… awards? You got to be kidding me. Awards for what? Showing up? What a joke.

  • Anonymous

    This is always the problem with MVP type awards. What if no one deserves it?

    The best method is to do what my daughter’s high school basketball coach did. He gave an award to each senior for staying with the program through thick and thin. No MVP, no Most Improved, none of the destructive awards.

    His philosophy was that MVP type awards only create resentment, especially when there’s no clear winner. He was all about team effort and loyalty. It worked well.

  • Jewin

    We give out awards for outstanding player against USC? That’s embarrassing and needs to stop.

  • MaltBaa

    Why are you guys so surprised by this? This happens every year.

  • Anonymous

    i think XSF should have gotten offensive MVP, and Thigpen should have been special teams

  • Anonymous

    These award banquets all sports team have at the end of season are a joke. Half of the team gets an award. The other half gets drunk before, during, or/and after the party.

    Chane, an MVP? Wow!!! What a sorry representation of our offense. Sorry, Chane, don’t mean to offend you.

  • Anonymous

    The team votes for the MVP awards and they’ve been handing out awards for excellence vs. USC since before Paul Hackett was stinking up the joint.